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Sacramento Drug Distribution Lawyer

Getting convicted of selling drugs is detrimental to your freedom and future. Call a Sacramento drug distribution attorney who can help you fight against conviction.

Drug distribution is a serious crime in the state of California, and penalties for selling or transporting drugs can hugely impact your life. You will most likely receive prison time, large fines, and an ugly mark on your criminal record—if convicted. Your criminal record could follow you around for years, if not forever, so it’s important to get legal help.

Drug trafficking or distribution is a felony, and felons in California lose certain rights, such as the right to bear arms. A conviction will make jail or prison time a certainty unless you can get your charges reduced. Once you’ve been convicted of such a serious drug offense, it’s tough to move beyond it.

Speak with a Sacramento drug distribution lawyer from Crowell Law Offices. There are defenses against conviction, and your attorney can analyze the circumstances of your case to come up with the very best defense for your situation.


Drug Selling Penalties in California

The penalties for drug distribution, which includes sale, transport, and trafficking, vary depending on the specifics of your case. There are increased penalties for selling drugs to minors and for using minors to transport drugs, as well as for selling or transporting drugs near a school zone or where children congregate.

Penalties can also increase if the offense you are being charged with is not your first. Below is a basic breakdown of penalties for drug distribution:

  • The sale, transfer, import, or transport of a controlled substance is a felony and could result in prison time of between three and five years.
  • Hiring minors to sell or transport drugs on your behalf, or selling drugs to minors, could result in a prison sentence of between three and nine years.
  • Transporting the ingredients to make methamphetamine or phencyclidine (PCP) is also illegal, and you could receive between sixteen months and six years in jail for transferring, transporting, or selling the ingredients or the drugs themselves.


Defenses Against Drug Distribution Accusations

You may have thought that you were done for after those handcuffs ratcheted closed around your wrists, but there are defenses against drug distribution convictions.

The prosecution must meet the burden of proof required to show that you were in possession of drugs with the intent to sell or transport them.

Here are some of the defenses your attorney can use to defend you against conviction:

  • You were in possession of the drugs for personal use
  • Entrapment
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • You had no knowledge that you were transporting drugs


Call a Sacramento Drug Distribution Attorney

A conviction for drug distribution can ruin your entire life. You may struggle to find good employment, you may spend a lengthy amount of time behind bars, and you could lose some of your constitutional rights. It’s very important to seek legal counsel so that you will have the very best chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

Contact a Sacramento drug distribution lawyer from Crowell Law Offices. We have over fifteen years of experience and a record of success with drug cases. Call us at 916-303-2800 for a free, confidential review of your case, or complete our contact form below.