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Sacramento Minor in Possession Lawyer

Has your child been charged with possession of alcohol? Are you under twenty-one years old and facing an MIP charge? If so, contact a qualified minor in possession lawyer in Sacramento for assistance.

You could suffer serious consequences if you are convicted of a minor in possession charge. In addition to severe legal penalties, you’ll likely be embarrassed and have personal and professional ramifications to deal with. Fortunately a respected Sacramento minor in possession lawyer may be able to help you get through this difficult time in your life.

You could elect to obtain legal representation from a public defender but if you do, your defense may not get the attention it deserves. You can get help with your defense by contacting a respected Sacramento drug lawyer from Crowell Law Offices to discuss the details of your arrest and charges.

What Is a Minor in Possession Charge?

Underaged drinking continues to be a serious problem in California and across the U.S. In the hopes of deterring minors, the state has implemented strict penalties for minors in possession of alcohol within a public place.

It doesn’t matter whether the minor was visibly intoxicated or simply in possession of an unopened alcoholic beverage—they can be held accountable accordingly.

Consequences of a Sacramento Minor in Possession Conviction

Minor in possession charges are a misdemeanor, punishable by up to forty-eight hours of community service and a $500 fine, depending on whether this a first or second offense. Underaged drinkers could be ordered to complete an approved alcohol rehabilitation program and have their license suspended for a minimum of one year.

A conviction will remain on your record indefinitely unless you are able to obtain an expungement. With an MIP conviction also comes increased auto insurance rates, as your auto insurance provider will likely see you as a riskier driver.

You also risk being kicked off your current auto insurance policy or having your insurance fail to renew your premiums based on your minor in possession conviction. This could remain on your driving record for a significant period of time, so be prepared to pay higher insurance premiums each month if you are found guilty of a MIP.

Your lawyer can take a closer look at the details of your case to determine how best to defend the charges against you. It may also be possible to work with the prosecuting attorney to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. This is known as a plea agreement. You can be sure that your lawyer will prepare a defense that is most likely to yield positive results in your case.

Contact a Minor in Possession Lawyer in Sacramento

When you need an exceptional legal defense but aren’t sure where to turn, reach out to an experienced Sacramento minor in possession lawyer at Crowell Law Offices for assistance. You can reach our office by phone at 916-303-2800 or through the convenient contact form at the bottom of this page.