Daniel A. Martin | Crowell Law Offices

Daniel A. Martin

  • San Joaquin College of Law Graduate with Witkin Award for Excellence
  • University of Phoenix Graduate with Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Former Law Professor’s Aide for Legal Research & Writing

Daniel A. Martin is a former Deputy District Attorney from the County of Madera, CA.  He has worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of criminal cases during his time as a DDA, including traffic, misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile justice matters.  In addition to his legal expertise, Daniel is patient and understanding, taking the time to thoroughly explain the stages of the legal process, the status of the case, and his analysis and recommendations for successful case resolutions.  He understands that, while legal work is his profession, the clients’ cases are their entire lives.  His ethos is guided by his desire to take care of the real-life human beings that are the basis of his work and to provide the best possible outcomes for his clients.