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Woodland Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can be traumatic events for everyone involved simply because so many of them end in fatalities or serious injuries. Sorting out the liability and financial issues afterward can be almost as stressful as the accident itself. Determining fault can be particularly complex, as the trucker, trucking company, or a third party could all share some of the blame.

The problems don’t stop there, unfortunately. As a victim of an 18-wheeler accident, you may have to contend with replacing a destroyed car and recovering from serious injuries that could affect you for years to come. And of course, then there are the accident-related expenses to deal with.

Luckily, an experienced Woodland truck accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can make things a bit easier on you by handling the legal hurdles and helping you sort out the financial issues.


Types of Woodland Truck Accidents

Many different types of truck accidents happen on Woodland roads. Some of the most common types include jackknife accidents, lost loads, and underrides. All of these accidents have the potential to be devastating, especially if you are in a much smaller and lighter vehicle—or even a motorcycle.

No matter what type of accident, if someone else’s negligence is responsible for your accident and injuries, you shouldn’t go uncompensated for what happened. By working with a Woodland truck accident lawyer from our office, we can make sure you don’t miss your chance to recover the damages you are owed.


Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents in California

Truck accidents in Woodland happen because of a number of reasons. Unfortunately, many of the most common causes are essentially some form of negligence and therefore should have been preventable.

When this happens, a Woodland truck accident lawyer can work to get the justice you deserve afterward. Some of the most common causes of large truck accidents include the following:

  • Fatigued Driving – While there are laws regulating how long a driver is allowed to be on the road without stopping to rest, fatigued driving still causes a large number of crashes.
  • Defective Truck Parts – Another common cause of truck accidents is defective truck parts and improper maintenance. Those responsible for providing safe parts and maintaining machinery have an obligation to ensure that truckers aren’t on the road with unsafe vehicles.
  • Driving Under the Influence – This doesn’t always mean a driver is driving drunk. Some truckers drive under the influence of illegal or prescriptions drugs, which can reduce their reaction times and impair their judgment.

There are many other causes of 18-wheeler accidents, such as speeding and dangerous road conditions. A Woodland truck accident lawyer from our office can help you determine just who should be held accountable.


Woodland Accident Reports

Reporting a truck accident in Woodland is a fairly straightforward matter. The important thing is to make sure that a police officer is called to the scene and files an accident report. Even if the damage seems negligible, it’s always in your best interests to contact the police so that an unbiased accident report is made.

Additionally, the police may include details you might not have realized were relevant. If the officer’s assessment supports your case, an accident report could be integral to the argument developed by your Woodland truck accident lawyer.


Truck Accident Expenses and Damages

It’s the rare truck accident that doesn’t result in significant injuries and expenses. Whether you experience a brain injury, a spine injury, broken bones, or emotional trauma, the medical bills are certain to add up quickly.

The damage done to vehicles in truck accidents also tends to be substantial, to the point that smaller cars are often totaled and need to be replaced completely.

All of these expenses should be compensated by the at-fault party in your settlement. Listed below are some of the other expenses you might be able to recover compensation for:

  • Lost income and wages due to requiring time off work to recover
  • Home modifications made necessary by your injury or disability
  • Therapy or physical rehabilitation
  • Loss of consortium if your marriage or personal relationships have been harmed
  • Pain and suffering

Arriving at an accurate value for your claim can be a difficult task, as all of these elements should be accounted for. Your Woodland truck accident lawyer will make certain that your settlement is fair and comprehensive.


Challenges of Managing a Truck Accident Without a Lawyer

What makes truck accidents so challenging is determining precisely who was to blame for what happened. Unlike accidents with passenger vehicles, truck accidents involve not just the drivers, but also a trucking company and the company the big rig was hauling cargo for.

All of these parties may have been partially to blame for your accident. It’s also possible that some of them were innocent while others were not. For example, if you were hit by a trucker who was intoxicated when the brakes failed, both the trucker and the trucking company could be at fault, but the cargo company would likely be blameless.

A Woodland truck accident lawyer from our office can help you sort out these details and determine who was responsible—and therefore who needs to be named in your personal injury lawsuit.


Woodland Truck Accident FAQ

Below, you will find answers to a few of the questions we are most frequently asked by our clients. For more detailed information, please schedule a free consultation with a Woodland truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

How can I prove the trucking company was to blame for my truck accident?

Evidence that might indicate fault on the part of a trucking company could include inspection records, maintenance logs, and how much time the company gives its drivers to make deliveries.

Who was at fault if I was hurt in a lost-load truck accident?

Fault for a lost load would most likely belong to whoever loaded the cargo. This could be the trucker or the company who supplied the cargo. If a restraint failed, it may be the fault of the product manufacturer or the trucking company for poor upkeep.

Can I sue if my family member was killed in a truck accident?

Depending on your relationship to the victim, you might be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit seeking compensation for funeral expenses, the deceased’s lost wages, and your pain and suffering.


Get Help from a Woodland Truck Accident Lawyer

At Crowell Law Offices, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. After an 18-wheeler accident, you’ll likely have a number of questions and be uncertain of how to proceed.

An experienced Woodland truck accident lawyer from our firm can answer your questions and help you determine what your next move should be. To get started, complete the form below or call us at 916-303-2800 to arrange a time for a free case evaluation.