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20 Jan Take-Home Work Toxins Harm Household Members

A new California take-home toxic-exposure law affects employees who work around carcinogenic materials and the potential contamination of their household members. These workers may unwittingly bring home hazardous materials, such as asbestos, on their clothing, vehicle, or other possessions. Family members are then exposed to...

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18 Nov Honey Oil Lab Explosions Lead to Major Injuries

There was another honey oil lab explosion in Bakersfield recently. The explosion was severe enough to cause the home to become engulfed in flames and to damage much of the building’s structure. Two of the people inside the home suffered serious burn injuries and were taken to...

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28 Oct Criminal Clowns in California?

Lately, there has been a wave of creepy clowns harassing children and adults alike. Since mid-August, when the first “creepy clown” sightings were reported in South Carolina’s Greenville County, this kind of offense has been occurring more and more often. It’s even spread all across...

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05 Oct Exploding Cell Phones Sounding Alarms

Savvy mobile phone users follow safety advice and use headphones to avoid having radiation near their skulls, but perhaps they should be more concerned with their phone exploding in their hands. Dozens of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have burst into flames recently, and the...

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16 Sep “Pokémon Go” Hazardous to Motorists

“Pokémon Go” is the hit virtual game of the summer, combining real-world locations and digital characters. Bringing back the nostalgic 90s monster-catching game and updating it for today’s technology-driven society, “Pokémon Go” is an outdoor adventure, directing players to various physical locations through their smart...

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