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What Happens When You Have Been Arrested for Multiple DUIs?

What Happens When You Have Been Arrested for Multiple DUIs?

09 Jun What Happens When You Have Been Arrested for Multiple DUIs?

Facing multiple DUI charges can be difficult when it comes to getting your life on track. Having a DUI on your record means you might lose your license, have trouble finding employment, and often face hefty fines. In some cases, having multiple DUIs might even entail jail time. It depends on the circumstances, the judge, and the lawyer you have working with you. 

If you are facing arrest for a DUI and it’s not your first, you should consider contacting a Sacramento DUI attorney. They will be able to help you know your options and speak in front of the judge on your behalf. 

What Happens When You Get Too Many DUIs?

A DUI, or “driving under the influence,” means you have committed an offense of driving a vehicle while impaired from drugs or alcohol. If you are pulled over and shown to have more than the legal limit of alcohol in your system, you will be placed into a police car and taken to the nearest jail station. 

Every consecutive DUI usually comes with jail time, longer license suspension, and larger fees. If it is your second or third DUI, your jail time and fees will be much different than a first offense. You also face getting your license taken away permanently or for longer than the typical 30 days. 

The penalties and fees also depend on how close together the DUIs were committed. For example, if two or three DUIs are committed in less than a ten-year period, you could face years in person and more than $1,000 in fees. 

In some states, a third or fourth conviction is considered a felony. This means it will be on your permanent record and you could face employment loss and trouble finding another job. 

How Many DUI Cases Get Dismissed?

In some cases, a DUI charge can be dismissed before the trial begins. If you want to get a case dismissed, you will need an experienced and professional lawyer on your side. The exact dismissal process, though, will depend on the circumstances of your case. 

In most situations, getting a DUI completely dropped is very difficult. However, with a professional DUI lawyer, you can get some of the consequences dropped or significantly minimized in some cases. You may also be able to negotiate a shorter jail time, smaller fees, and possibly even avoid getting your license suspended. 

You and your lawyer can also challenge the validity of the field sobriety test and challenge the evidence presented in the case. If the prosecution feels they don’t have sufficient evidence, they may drop the case. 

Get Ahold of a DUI Lawyer After Multiple Arrests 

Now you have an answer to your question: What happens when you have been arrested for multiple DUIs? When you’re facing multiple DUI charges, a lawyer can help. Speak with a lawyer at Crowell Law Offices. Call 916-303-2800, or fill out the contact form below.