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19 Dec Auto Manufacturer Negligence: When You Can Sue

Many people who are injured in a car crash automatically blame the other driver for the collision. It seems obvious, right? If it wasn’t you, it must be them. But the other driver may not always be to blame for the accident that caused your injury.

For instance, if you were driving along and another driver crashed into you, it must be because the other driver wasn’t looking out where he or she was going—or was it because the other driver’s brakes failed and he or she could not control the vehicle?

As you can see, that other driver who crashed into you in this example wasn’t really to blame.

So, then, who is to blame if the brakes on a vehicle go out, or the airbag doesn’t work properly, or your seat belt malfunctions? These are all examples of manufacturing issues. Auto manufacturer can be held liable for these mistakes.

Understanding When a Manufacturer Is Liable

Vehicle manufacturing companies are held to very high standards when it comes to public safety, and thank goodness for that. If we didn’t hold manufacturers accountable, we could all be driving vehicles that could simply explode without warning or cars with tires that fall off while we’re driving.

We depend on manufacturers to make safe and usable products for us, and if they fail in that duty, they can be held liable for your injuries and damages.

Proving Negligence in Auto Defect Cases

What do you do if you believe a manufacturer is responsible for your auto collision injuries? You file an injury claim against the manufacturer. In other words, you will sue them in civil court. But first, you must be able to prove negligence. The following are the main steps to proving vehicle manufacturer negligence:

  • Investigate Your lawyer must look into the cause of your crash and thoroughly document it. Why did the brakes go out? Was the airbag meant to operate that way, or was it defective? These types of questions will have to be answered to prove your case.
  • Gather Evidence Evidence must be collected to prove your case. It’s not enough to just point a finger and say what you think happened. You must have proof, and it must be enough to convince the insurance company or the court that negligence caused your injuries.
  • File Your Claim Once your case has been put together, you must file your claim with the insurer or the court. Then, you and the other side will begin negotiating how much compensation you should receive.

Contact a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

If you believe a negligent manufacturer is responsible for your auto accident, you may be able to file a claim and recover your losses. If negligence was involved, you are owed compensation for all the monetary and non-monetary losses you’ve faced.

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