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Hendrick S. Crowell, II


Hendrick S. Crowell, II

  • 2018 National Trial Lawyers Top 100 (N. California)


  • Law Review CLE Featured Speaker (State Bar Approved Continuing Education Course)


  • Avvo Client’s Choice 2020 (10.0 Superb Rating)


  • 2020 Best of Yelp (5 Star Reviews)


  • A+ Rated with Better Business Bureau


  • Excellence in Oral Advocacy Award- McGeorge School of Law  2001


For just about every business day over the last 23 years, attorney Hendrick Crowell has fought in the courtroom to get the best possible result for his clients. Whether it is persuading an insurance company to pay damages over one million dollars, or persuading a judge to allow a father and husband to keep his license to be able to provide for his family, Mr. Crowell’s unfailing desire for the best result for his clients is what has built his reputation. Whether the case is on a contingency basis and the client has not paid a penny up front, or a flat fee matter where the client is putting their money and trust in the firm, Mr. Crowell understands that it is an honor to produce excellent results for that client, and to be placed in that position of trust means the only thing he can do is deliver.


But of course, many attorneys care about their clients and their work, so what is it that differentiates the successful attorney? In addition to natural ability and just plain years of experience, Mr. Crowell believes that one’s resources are important. This is why he employs a team of professionals working with him that is unmatched in the area. Whether they are university graduates or just plain street smart with years of experience, he has surrounded himself with successful and bright staff members. Every singe week- without exception- the staff members sit down together and strategize on the week to come and work out the details of how we can make success happen for our clients.


Mr. Crowell also knows that while the members of his staff are important assets to the success of the firm, it is equally important to have outside resources to call upon when necessary. If someone in our legal community has shown a particular ability to produce a needed result, Mr. Crowell is humble enough to seek that resource, no matter the cost. There have been numerous times where an associated attorney earns more than our firm for a particular matter, but the truth is that the result is what is important in the case. We have enjoyed much success over the years and the fees will come, but we realize that the result we get is what matters, and the referrals are a byproduct of this and will continue to come.


Mr. Crowell is a child of God. Preferring to put his faith in action instead of just talk about it, he would be remiss if he didn’t say that God is good and all gifts come from Him.  Mr. Crowell is married to the love of his life and they have two beautiful children.  Fatherhood has been the greatest blessing in life, and Mr. Crowell’s goal in life is to raise up godly children.   The Crowell’s attend non-denominational Christian church (where Mr. Crowell volunteers) and give all the praise to Jesus Christ.


Mr. Crowell is admitted to practice in CA State Court, the local United States District Court (Federal), and is a member of many organizations including Capital City Trial Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Consumer Attorneys of California, American Bar Association, and the Sacramento County Bar Association.


Newsworthy mention: Judge Refuses to Confiscate Defendant’s Guns Despite Prosecutor’s Request


Mr. Crowell can be reached at 916-303-2800 or hendrick@crowelllawoffices.com.