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Sacramento Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been injured as a direct result of another person’s negligence? If so, you may be entitled to compensation under Sacramento’s personal injury and liability laws. You can demand funds to cover your damages and losses regardless of whether the negligence was willful or incidental, although the amount of compensation you can claim may vary if more than one party (including you) is responsible for the accident in the first place.

Determining what you should do after a personal injury is bound to be a confusing time full of uncertainty. Detailed below are some answers to the Sacramento personal injury frequently asked questions we get asked the most often.


Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

It is possible to seek damages after an accident without the assistance of a lawyer. However, California’s legal system can be complex, and the average person may not fully understand their options, and legal loopholes may be used against you. For this reason, an attorney can increase your chances for a successful outcome.


How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in California?

In California, you usually only have two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury claim against the person who was responsible. However, this can vary depending on your circumstances and the details of your case, so it’s best to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.


Can I sue if I was partially at fault?

Even if you believe you were partially at fault, you could still recover financial damages from someone else who was more at fault than you. As long as you are 49 percent or less to blame, you have options for seeking compensation.


What are non-economic damages?

Non-economic damages typically compensate for damages such as pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, lost companionship, and disfigurement. These damages can apply to all of the negative ways that your life has been impacted that don’t have obvious financial values.


Will I have to go to court for my personal injury claim?

Many people wonder if they will have to go to court to receive a financial settlement for an injury, but the truth is that many personal injury cases are settled out of court through negotiations. It just depends on whether the other party or their insurance will make a fair offer.


Should I accept the insurance company’s settlement offer?

Insurance companies will often try to offer an insufficient settlement amount to conclude a case quickly and cheaply. Before accepting any settlement, make sure to have an experienced personal injury lawyer look over the details to ensure that you are getting a fair settlement amount.


What makes someone negligent in an accident?

In California, negligence is defined as an action or inaction that has either directly or indirectly been taken by someone that directly results in harm, loss, or injury. Negligence can be proximate, meaning that it indirectly causes loss, or it can be cause-in-fact, meaning that it directly causes harm or loss.


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