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Sacramento Suspended License Defense Lawyer


Most people underestimate the value of a driver’s license until it gets suspended. We represent clients from all over the country who have issues with their license in California. We are experts in helping you get your license back, and in most cases, our fee for this service is under $1,000. Call or email us right away for advice and a fee quote. We can run your credit card over the phone and begin working right away to get you licensed.


I missed court and I may have warrants, can you help?

Yes. We can appear in court on your behalf and clear the warrants, so you won’t be in danger of being arrested. We frequent all local courts, so we can generally get the warrants cleared right away. Then we can set your matter for a hearing and contact the agency that cited you for all relevant info helpful in your defense. Our goal is to get your charges dismissed or reduced, and save you valuable DMV points, and to do it as quickly as possible.


I have a DMV hold on my license, can you get it removed?

Yes. The first step is to pull your driving record and figure out why you have the hold. We have the ability to pull your record electronically from our office, so the process is quick. Then we can contact the court and/or DMV to get the hold removed. Many times it’s simply an outstanding fine that went to warrant status for failure to pay. Other times it’s a failure to appear that can be fixed by an attorney. Whatever the problem is, we are here to help fix it and we will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue for you.




I have too many points and DMV plans to suspend my license, can you help?

Yes. First, we will review your record to see if we can have any points removed. Many times, we can file a motion to get a point removed because of an error, or with traffic school. We can also request a negligent operator hearing on your behalf, and represent you at this hearing. Most people don’t know it, but you are entitled to a hearing and the DMV hearing officer has the authority to waive the normal six-month suspension, and instead give you probation. We specialize in these hearings, and will work hard to keep you from getting a suspended license. Make sure to call right away, because there are various time deadlines for requesting the hearing.


How long will it take to get my license back?

Generally, we can clear warrants right away. This is the first step and will keep you from being arrested. The time it takes to release a DMV hold and get your license back depends on the situation, but we will pull your record right away and determine what the problem is, and get started fixing it as soon as you hire us. We accept credit cards over the phone and you don’t need to come into the office, so there is no delay for appointments, etc. We quote a flat fee up front, and we handle everything for you. Even after hours, email us and we will try to respond quickly, to put your mind at ease about your license.


I’m ready to begin, how should I proceed?

Do not risk getting arrested for having a warrant, or missing another job opportunity because of a suspended license. Call or email us now, and let us help you get licensed. We will begin work right away and you can always contact us with questions.