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Sacramento Expungement Attorneys

Expungements – Clear Your Criminal Record

Thousands of people in California have criminal records long after they have served their jail sentences, completed probation, and/or paid their fines. Yet, most people don’t know that they may be able to clear the record or seal their criminal history from the public’s view. Having a criminal record may prevent people from obtaining favorable jobs, certain government benefits, voting, and other important rights that are enjoyed by the rest of society.

Helping Clear Criminal Records throughout California

At Crowell Law Offices, we understand that mistakes from the past should not hinder people from leading new and productive lives. Getting your criminal records cleared or sealed can give you the fresh start you need and deserve.

At our firm, assisting you in getting your criminal record cleared is quick and most importantly, inexpensive. Please call the office to find out about getting your criminal record cleared. This allows you to truthfully answer to non-governmental agencies that you have never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. Contact us now for your free consultation (916) 303-2800.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clearing Your Criminal Record

Our criminal defense attorneys strive to answer all of your questions about expungement, from how to clear a felony from your record to understanding why it is so important to clear your criminal record.


What is expungement?

Expungement is clearing or dismissing the conviction on one’s criminal records. Your criminal record consists of all of your misdemeanor and felony convictions.


What can I clear from my criminal record?

Your criminal record consists of all of your misdemeanor and felony convictions. You may be eligible to have your arrest record sealed from public view or all of your convictions set aside and dismissed.


Is it important to clear my record?

A criminal record can prevent you from getting good jobs and benefits, obtaining credit, coaching youth sports, voting, renting an apartment, receiving certain licenses and other important activities. In today’s rough economy, employers, landlords, and government agencies are doing more extensive background checks before they hire, rent, or give licenses. An expungement dismisses the criminal offense from your record, and in most cases allows you to truthfully answer that you were not convicted of the offense.


Can all criminal convictions be cleared?

Not all criminal convictions can be expunged. Contact us now for your free consultation (916) 303-2800.


What will the attorneys at Crowell Law Offices, do for me?

At your free consultation, we will first determine if you qualify for an expungement. We prepare a motion to be filed with the court. We set a hearing before the judge. In most cases, the client does not need to be there, which saves them time and embarrassment. At the hearing we petition the judge to seal or dismiss your record, at which time the prosecutor can object. Having a skilled attorney who knows the law in this area will help counter an objection by the prosecutor and show the court that the expungement is justified.

In most cases, an expungement will be granted by the judge. This process is quick, inexpensive, and can have a significant impact on your future quality of life. Our expungement lawyers have helped hundreds of clients clear a criminal record in California. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation.