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Mr. Crowell and his staff were very informative and responsive when it came to my questions about my charge. I felt confident that my case was being handled by a reputable attorney and he would fight to win my case. I would recommend Mr. Crowell and his staff to any of my friends and family without thinking twice. I am thankful for his help and would not hesitate to call him again if I ever needed his assistance.

– Ryan C., Sacramento, CA, October 15, 2012

My blood alcohol was .10 so I thought I might have to plea to a DUI, but they got my blood retested and they were able to get the d.a. to reduce my case to a wet reckless. I was originally going to have to pay about $1100 more for the fine but they got the extra $1100 dismissed with the charge being reduced, and I was also going to have install a breathylzer in my car for five months, but they got that dismissed too. And I don't have to do any work project or home detention either. Thank you very much for the assistance!

– A.G, May 2, 2013, Sacramento County

I bought a gun for protection and had it in my car, and I got pulled over and the police found it and arrested me. It turns out the gun was stolen (I had no idea) and I got charged with two felonies. Hendrick fought hard for me and eventually got the d.a. to dismiss both of the felony charges, and I plead no contest to a misdemeanor gun possession charge only. I am currently in EMT school and the felony would have ruined my career and thrown all my schooling down the drain. Hendrick understood that and he fought to get the d.a. to give me one more chance. Thank you Hendrick!

– A.S, May 2, 2013, Sacramento County

I am grateful for the help of Henrdrick Crowell from Crowell Law Offices. He fight my case from felony to misdemeanor charge. Thank you all for your hard work, advices, and suggestions. I sincerely appreciate! Thanks you very much.

– Henry B., 13 Mar 2011, Sacramento, CA

Given the successful outcome and diligent approach applied by Byron Roope & his associates..., I feel I must write to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the team at the firm. My case was somewhat complicated by the fact that the original offense occurred 12 years ago, nonetheless, ...Byron, worked diligently to identify weaknesses within the prosecution and successfully managed to have the case dismissed. This was an extremely harrowing and difficult situation for me to deal with, however, all the team ...kept me appraised each step of the way and provided clear, constant communication presenting plenty of options for me to explore. Nonetheless, I could not have wished for a better outcome. Truly awesome service and extreme dedication. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Keep up the great work!!

– Paul A., 28 Jan 2011, Calgary, AB

This company and staff has been the most professional, helpful, loyal, and knowledgeable group of professionals I've ever encountered. I was made aware beforehand of all concerned, the positive, negative possiblities and what the intentions and goals was in my case. There was no stone left unturned nor any effort left undone, which resulted in a very positive outcome. They worked with me so hard and deligently, even to the point of making an exception when I had a problem with the final payments. These folks have morals, ethics, deligent work strategies that get the job done beyond expectations, with excellent results.

– Gloria A., Dec 9,2010, Charlotte, NC

Let's just say I have car that does not like to go slow. Something is wrong with it. I got three tickets in one year and my insurance cancelled me. I then got a forth ticket! Rather than taking my lumps and loosing my license for 6 months I decided to fight it. I did deserve this ticket (though I received others that I did not deserve and did not have the resources to fight), I just couldn't risk losing my license so I had to fight even though I knew it was a very long shot. Needless to say, it worked! Case dismissed and I didn't have to go to court myself! If you can't afford another ticket on your record, fight it! Thanks Hendrick! BTW, I sold the car and haven't had a ticket since!

– Robert H., Nov 15, 2010, Livermore, CA

Wish we had availed ourselves of this service before. Now that we know that it is this easy and inexpensive (in the scheme of things) to pursue this service; and that the legal office is so effective without requiring much time from the defendant, will definitely make sure others are aware they have this option when needed.

– James N., Nov 25, 2010, Oakland, CA

I got excellent service from Hendrick on my recent DUI charges. Mr. Crowell was able to get one of my charges dismissed, and a great deal on the other charge. He answered all of my many questions, and was around when I needed him, he gave me his cell from the start (and I used it more than a few times). He never seemed like he had a problem with me calling him on it. He seems like he really cares and I would recommend him. In fact, I did recommend him to my sister on a traffic ticket and he's currently working on that. His staff was helpful and they got my police report, and when I read it the cop said some things that weren't true so Hendrick had him testify at the DMV hearing. I am happy I used Hendrick and I won't need to use him again because I learned my lesson, but I'm glad he is out there if need be.

– Ky P., Oct 15, 2010, Sacramento, CA

Hendrick Crowell and his staff provided first class service in having my red light camera citation dismissed. He and his staff were very knowledgeable about the relevant law and advised me of the issues involved in getting the citation dismissed. They kept me updated on each step in the process which gave me confidence that they would get a good result.

– Ray M., Oct 11, 2010, Sacramento, CA

From my first contact the staff was calming and reassuring. They interviewed me about the case and took over from that point on. They explained that I could but did not need to be present at the hearing. They kept me apprised of the case status, represented me in court and contacted me with a VICTORIOUS settlement--CASE DISMISSED!!! Thank you Mr. Crowell!!

– Ken, Oakland, CA

Hendrick and his firm were always available, professional and there to make sure you know someone is in your corner. Hendrick never tried to sugar coat what he could do, he was realistic, pragmatic and gave me best and worst scenarios. Ultimately my case is probably the exception: it was dismissed due to officer no show on trial date…however, the real story is that Hendrick had asked for a continuance and the judge denied knowing that the officer was out for the week. The only reason this happened is the fact that Hendrick has built a solid reputation and a good working relationship with the judge. This is the reason you hire Hendrick for DUIs / traffic infractions / and more serious crimes that he has experience with. A mere civilian has absolutely no chance in this court system. The fact is that judges and lawyers build a working relationship that is respected and professional and you cannot compete with that. if you are facing charges in Hendrick's area of expertise, call him.

– June, Sep 4, 2009

I was pulled over a few blocks after leaving a popular downtown Sac nightclub. Officer claimed to pull me over due to a hard to read registration sticker…but immediately asked if I had been drinking. I was administered a FST…blew a .09 BAC on the breath test, then was subsequently arrested. I strongly felt the police did not have probable cause to stop me, so I decided to hire an attorney. After much research, I decided to retain the firm based on client testimony of results and reasonable fees. It was the best decision I ever made!!! Later reports by the arresting officer(s) mentioned I had crossed a designated parking lane (no mention of this during my arrest). Mr. Crowell took pictures of the scene where I was pulled over (no parking lane) and fought tenaciously on my behalf. The arresting officer(s) were subpoenaed for the DMV hearing, testified, and evidence obtained by Mr. Crowell eventually led to my DMV hearing dismissal. One hurdle overcame.

– Marc, Aug 5, 2009

I highly recommend Mr. Hendrick S. Crowell! I hired Mr. Crowell for my recent DUI arrest, the cop said he pulled me over for weaving downtown. Mr. Crowell fought the case and at the hearing he questioned the cop and argued to the judge that the weaving was not enough for the cop to stop me. The judge agreed and dismissed my case. Mr. Crowell is a great attorney and I would recommend him to any of my friends. He answered all my questions and I was in constant contact with him by email and text and phone. If I had a question I would call his cell or email him, I never had a problem reaching him. He showed up for me at my hearing and got the thing dismissed. I am a music producer and that dismissal saved me the hassle of work project and a big fine, not to mention the DUI on my criminal record. If you want to look up my case it is on and it's case number 08T04042. I have nothing but praise for Mr. Crowell.

– Brandon, Jul 31, 2009

Our family has required Mr. Crowell's expertise on several levels from guidance on traffic infractions to a few more serious issues. He is a true professional and has been able to deliver what he expresses he can obtain for us. The firms' entire staff is extremely supportive and caring. We have always felt like we could connect with our attorney or someone else to have our questions and concerns heard. Our relationship spans over 5 years. I highly recommend his legal services.

– Julie Q.

We represented a truck driver stopped in Yolo County for making an illegal pass on the left, we took his case to trial and convinced the court that our client made a legal lane change. NOT GUILTY!*
We represented a car dealer stopped for driving one of his corvettes 130mph in Sacramento County. We took his case to trial and we were able to get the DA to drop the two point violation to a simple speeding violation before we gave our opening statement!*
We represented a woman charged with a felony for driving a stolen vehicle in Yolo County. We convinced the DA that they could never prove that our client knew the car was stolen. CASE DISMISSED!*
We represented a man charged with a misdemeanor hit and run case in Sacramento County. Our client was represented by the Public Defender for over a year before he contacted our office. We came in on the case and tracked down evidence that showed our client did not intentionally leave the scene of the accident. CASE DISMISSED!*
We represented a man in Stockton charged with several misdemeanors, resisting arrest, making terrorist threats, and being in possession of drugs without a prescription. We set the case for trial and produced evidence that the police investigation was suspect. CASE DISMISSED!*
We represented a man in Solano County charged with misdemeanor reckless driving. We challenged the police officer's observations of our clients driving conduct and were able to get the charged reduced to an infraction and kept the misdemeanor off his record!*
We represented a woman charged with felony of narcotics and were able to show that our client never had unlawful possession and knowledge of the drugs. CASED DISMISSED!*
We represented a man charged with domestic violence in Solano County. We filed a motion to throw the case out because the DA waited over a year to file the case. CASE DISMISSED*
We represented a DUI client in Solano County who was found to have been driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit and crashed into the back of another truck. We were able to reduce the charge to a wet-reckless and get the DMV to set aside the suspension on his license!*
We represented a DUI client who was stopped by police because his car was reported to have been weaving on the highway. We convinced the DA that the police did not have a valid reason to stop our client and they would be unable to prove our client was driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. CASE DISMISSED!*


``My name is J.S. I am the brother of K.M. He was accused of reaching for an officer's weapon, resisting arrest as well as other charges. Yesterday my brother celebrated his 19th birthday. He may never understand (in full) the situation he was in, but I do. I wish to say thank you, on behalf of Mr. M.,and all others. Thank you very much, God bless.``
`` You can not possibly imagine my feelings at this moment. I am extremely satisfied with the verdict and your services. You have been great, better than I ever expected. Thank you very very much for all of your effort. I will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of a traffic lawyer.`` S.B. 7/5/07
``I want to send you one final thanks. Your prompt and expert replies and your skill at negotiating with the DA as well as reading my list of items I thought might be actionable turned out to be the easiest part of the entire process. I spent far more time at the DMV and Driver Safety than trying to manage my attorney. Typically the hearings and negotiations that the attorney is focused on is typically the most stressful and time consuming portion of reaching any goal, however with your help the experience was the opposite of my expectations.`` J.W.
``I just want to thank you again for taking my case. It's a pleasure to think about finishing my home construction project and not worry about the facing a jury trial. I have to listen to people rip lawyers practically everyday at work. We both know the importance of protecting innocent people and holding authorities accountable. Great job - thank you.`` DUI DISMISSED*
``On behalf of C. and myself I want to both thank you and commend you for your outstanding representation of C. in Traffic Court today. The outcome was exactly what we had hoped and feel it was only through your good work and efforts that this occurred. We will be pleased to recommend you to anyone who has traffic or other legal issues in your service area.`` MISDEMEANOR REDUCED TO INFRACTION *
``Thank you very much for your help. It is nice to know I have competent legal representation for my family.`` CRIMINAL AND CIVIL CLIENT*
``I just want to thank you once again for representing me and helping me take the chain ball off of my leg. That felony was putting a big hold on my life. Anyways I really appreciate everything that your law firm has done for me.`` FELONY CASE EXPUNGED*
``I want to thank you for standing up to the adversary the way you did. I have much respect for you and much confidence in you. I know that, with you, I have adequate representation and that the adversary will not be able to just have his way with the case.``
``Your professional skills are well admired. I would not hesitate in the future to recommend you or anyone in your firm for legal services. I am grateful for your services. You went above and beyond what I expected.``
* This does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of the outcome of your case. Every case has different facts, and a prediction is impossible. Be wary of the attorney who claims he or she can predict the outcome of your case.

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