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Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous proposition. For some people it is a leisure activity, for some people it is a way of life. Most experienced riders will be able to tell you about a motorcycle accident that they have either had themselves or heard of from a friend. The CHP California Motorcyclist Safety Program found that 59% of motorcycle accidents were due to three factors- unsafe speed, improper turning movement, and DUI. Many of these motorcycle accidents are the fault of the rider, but many are not; a large number of crashes are the fault of someone else’s negligence whether it is inattention or doing something unsafe which jeopardizes the safety of the motorcyclist. When a motorcyclist vs. car collision occurs, the injuries are usually more significant than a “normal” car vs. car collision, and this requires a higher level of attention in order to make sure the rider is compensated properly.

After a motorcycle accident in Sacramento, Attorney Hendrick S. Crowell II and his dedicated legal team at Crowell Law Offices can help you hold the at-fault party responsible for the losses you’ve suffered. We are only concerned with what is best for you and your family. If you call us at (916) 303-2800, we can walk you through your rights and answer your questions during a free consultation.


The Job of the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster faced with a motorcycle accident has two primary jobs:

  1. to resolve claims and
  2. to save their company money.

This second responsibility is in direct contradiction to the goal of the injured motorcyclist, which is to be made whole and be justly compensated for their injury. It is no secret that insurance companies will throw “nuisance money” at injured riders, many times in a higher amount than an auto vs. auto case. The adjuster and their company know that if they can just get you to accept the low amount they give and sign a release of liability, they are home free and you are forever barred from obtaining the true value of the claim. Most people cringe at this thought, but it is a reality, and this is why the well-advised rider seeks legal counsel at the early stages of an accident.
Your best chance is to consult with an attorney before giving any statements or negotiating with the insurance company (and definitely before signing any documents pertaining to the case or settlement). A good attorney will be able to handle your case and obtain much more than the rider could in pro-per (handling the matter themselves). This is not because the rider is not intelligent, it is simply because the rider poses no real threat to the insurance company. Without a good attorney to threaten legal action, the company can get away with offering what they say is fair instead of what really may be fair. A good attorney levels the playing field, and a great attorney will usually exceed your expectations with regard to recovery. A perfect example is one of our own cases. Our client was injured when a car pulled in front of him; he required surgery and hired us to pursue the claim on his behalf. The result was an award of $1,650,000.00.


Motorcycle Injuries

Many motorcycle collision injuries are far more significant than the average fender-bender, oftentimes resulting in brain injuries, amputations, and broken bones. The most common breakages are the shoulder and pelvis. Other breakages (elbows, knees, wrists, fingers, spine, and neck) are just as serious and require not only immediate attention, but advice from an experienced attorney who has a track record for producing results in these types of claims. Even if the injury is soft tissue or road rash, a motorcycle collision has a different dynamic and you should absolutely consult with someone who can give you the advice necessary to present your claim in its best light. For a free consultation or even to have your most pressing questions answered by our firm owner, fill out the contact form on the right and we will answer your questions and provide you with sound step-by-step advice on how to proceed.


A Call to Action

If you are reading this and you have recently suffered a motorcycle accident due to the fault of another, our best advice is to find a good attorney to represent your interests against the insurance company of the other driver. The reason you have insurance is to protect you and others, not only if you cause an accident, but also when you are the victim of an accident. The insurance company is not offended by the fact that you want what’s fair for your claim; they are simply in an opposite position of trying to pay you the minimum they can to get your matter settled.

Contact our firm owner at Crowell Law Offices. Our experience with motorcycle claims will level the playing field and not only leave you without the hassle of managing your own claim, but will put you in the best position to get what you deserve. Our results speak for themselves, and our reviews all over the web in places like,, and are a testament to our successes in the field. Please fill out the contact form for immediate assistance, or call (916) 303-2800 for free advice now.


Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Crowell Law Offices proudly supports the Motorcycle Safety Foundation through its financial contribution to the National Motorcycle Safety Fund. The MSF is a not-for-profit educational foundation established in 1973 that provides an array of services to the riding community, including training, research, and education with the goal of making motorcycling safer.


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