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16 Jan Can You Get a DUI on a Scooter in California?

Motorized scooters have become popular forms of transportation in major cities. Thanks to scooter rental services, it’s not uncommon to see these vehicles all over California. All you need is a smartphone and a debit or credit card to rent a scooter. 

But what if you leave the bar after some drinks and decide to use a scooter? Are you legally allowed to use a scooter while under the influence of alcohol? The short answer to this question is no. Similar to driving a regular car, you can get a DUI while using a scooter in California.

What is Considered a Vehicle in California? 

California considers anything self-propelled to be a vehicle. For example, tractors would fall into this category along with scooters. With this in mind, if you ride a scooter while under the influence, you’re breaking the law. As long as your scooter is in motion, you can receive a DUI.

California officers are within their right to arrest you when you haven’t gone over the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration of .08. Because vehicles such as scooters require your full concentration and alertness than other vehicles, California officers can arrest you if they suspect you’re under the influence. 

Of course, it’s harder for California officers to convicted when you’re not over the legal limit. However, should you receive a conviction, you can receive a maximum fine of $250. Although you probably won’t lose your license, you may lose your ability to ride scooters for a time. You could also have to pay for any property damages.

Potential Scooter Injuries

Your body can experience a variety of damages while riding a scooter. The chances of you crashing increase when you’re under the influence. With your body exposed to the elements, you have very little protection while riding a scooter. Various objects and vehicles can harm with minimal impact. 

For example, if you go flying off of your scooter and crash headfirst into the roadway, you can experience a traumatic brain injury. Although helmets are recommended, they aren’t provided. 

Another painful injury you can suffer from is a broken rib. Again, because scooters offer little to no protection for your torso, you are always at risk of experiencing rib damage. With your coordination severely impaired by alcohol, the chances of you experiencing this injury increase. 

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