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Your Civil Rights After an Arrest

An arrest should never be taken lightly. What you do before and after this event will impact your freedom and future. It may be difficult to stay calm when speaking to police officers, especially when you’re under arrest, but you do have rights during an arrest. 

As a United States resident, you have rights, and if they’re violated at any point, you may have grounds for a defense, and evidence of a civil rights violation can impact criminal charges. At Crowell Law Offices, we’re ready to take action and protect your future when your civil rights are violated.

Your Right to Remain Silent

A fundamental part of your rights during an arrest is the right to remain silent. What you say can be used against you during your trial. You’re only required to identify yourself, not to disclose additional information about your actions. When officers interrogate you, you may say something incriminating, which puts you in a difficult situation. 

If they interrogate you without making your rights clear, your rights may have been violated. Accidentally incriminating yourself can have lasting impacts on your future after an arrest, even if you’re found not guilty. Your lawyer can help you fight back when this happens with a strong defense in the courtroom. 

Protection against Use of Excessive Force

Police officers must carry out arrests under reasonable suspicion you committed a crime. No matter the circumstances, they’re prohibited from using an excessive amount of force when dealing with suspects. 

Your civil rights protect you from being physically injured without reason. As long as you comply, the police have no reason to cause harm and if they did, you may have grounds for a legal defense.

Excessive force depends on the circumstances, and an officer may accuse you of not cooperating or having a weapon. Your lawyer can gather evidence showing the police officer who harmed you is the one in the wrong. 

Protection against Unlawful Search

Police officers need to obtain your permission or a warrant before searching your home, your vehicle, or any kind of personal property. They can obtain it at any point after an arrest, even while they interrogate you. 

If you were the victim of an unlawful search, you’ll need to gather the evidence necessary to prove it. This process is complicated and often impossible while you’re under arrest. But experienced criminal defense lawyers possess the knowledge necessary to protect you. We won’t stop until we can show the evidence needed to prove that your rights were violated. 

A Qualified Civil Rights Lawyer Can Help You

The right to representation is crucial, and it’s something you should never forget you have as a resident of the United States. A civil rights violation can impact your life moving forward, and you may have a strong defense because of that violation. 

If your civil rights have been violated during an arrest, the lawyers at Crowell Law Offices are ready to help you. Give us a call today at 916-303-2800 or reach out online by using our online contact form below.