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Sacramento Identity Theft Lawyer

If you have been arrested and charged with identity theft and you aren’t sure where to turn for help, contact a respected identity theft lawyer in Sacramento.

If you have been accused of identity theft, you could be facing very serious consequences. Whether you were in possession of someone else’s identification or accused of operating an identity theft ring, your entire life could be turned upside down by a conviction. Fortunately, you’re entitled to a defense, and at Crowell Law Offices, we have what it takes to win.

If we are able to take on your case, your Sacramento identity theft lawyer will work diligently to build a powerful defense so you can seek the acquittal you need to get back to your life. Read on to learn more about what identity theft is and the penalties you’ll face if you are convicted of identity theft in Sacramento, California.

What Constitutes Identity Theft in Sacramento?

Under California law, a person can be charged with identity theft if there is evidence that they have taken someone else’s name, social security number, medical information, credit, financial accounts, or other personal information unlawfully.

Most often, people charged with identity theft will have been accused of opening up credit cards in someone else’s name, but this could also include applying for housing, a mortgage, auto financing, and other lines of credit, as well.

That is not the only type of identity theft, however. People who assume the identity of another, no matter their reasoning, can be held accountable in a court of law. Those who manufacture or sell the personal identification of another are also subject to severe criminal penalties.

Penalties for Sacramento Identity Theft Charges

The severity of your penalties will vary widely based on a number of factors, such as your previous criminal record, if any, the amount of damage done to the person whose identity you assumed, and how many people were impacted by the identity theft.

Your consequences will also vary, depending on whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony identity theft charges. You could spend up to a year in jail and pay fines of as much as $1,000 if you are convicted of a misdemeanor and face up to three years in prison and $10,000 in fines if convicted of a felony.

Your identity theft lawyer in Yolo County will need to closely review the evidence at hand to determine what defensive strategy is going to produce the best possible outcome in your case. Whether you were given permission to use someone else’s personal identification or there was a lack of intent, you have a chance of beating your charges with the help of a powerful identity theft lawyer fighting for your freedom.

Meet with an Identity Theft Lawyer in Sacramento

To learn more about how a reputable Sacramento identity theft lawyer at Crowell Law Offices could help you with your defense, schedule a free consultation. Call our office at 916-303-2800 or fill out the online contact form provided below when you are ready to take charge of your defense.