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What Is a Bail Bond, and How Does It Work?

When you’re arrested in Sacramento, the court will give you a trial date. During trial, you can defend yourself and fight your charges. Usually, your trial won’t happen right away. Because the court wants to make sure you appear at trial, they’ll keep you in jail until trial occurs. If you don’t want to stay in jail until trial, you may have the option to post bond for your bail.

If you need help posting bond, you can speak with a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer from Crowell Law Offices. If we work together, we’ll defend you in court and do what’s possible to get you out of jail before trial.

How the Court Determines Bail

The amount of your bail will depend on the crime you allegedly committed. Your bail will typically be larger if the crime you’re accused of is more severe. This is because the court thinks you’re at a higher chance of not showing up to trial. For example, someone with a murder charge may have a million-dollar bail. This reduces the chance of their posting bond and getting out of jail before trial.

Posting Bond to Get Out of Jail

Within 48 hours of getting arrested, the court will set up a hearing for you. During this hearing, the judge will officially charge you with the crime you were arrested for and assess how much your bail should be. You can hire a lawyer before this hearing, and your lawyer can prepare you for court. After you know your bail amount, your lawyer can help you reach out to a bail bondsman and post bond.

A bond is like a loan. You pay the bondsman a percentage of the bail you owe. The bondsman then pays the court your bail and gets you out of jail. The agreement is that if you don’t show up in court, you’ll owe the bondsman the full bail.

Contact a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

It can be overwhelming to deal with bail when you’re worried about your trial to come. However, posting bond is highly important if you want to get out of jail. Discussing your case with a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can be helpful. To schedule a free consultation with our team, call 916-303-2800 or fill out the contact form below.