Dangerous Toddler Swings on the Market

22 Mar Dangerous Toddler Swings on the Market

Swings embody the carefree feeling of childhood, but one toddler swing model has been found faulty, and too many kids have gotten injured as a result. The Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Pink toddler swing was named such to evoke confidence, but unfortunately, that’s not how things turned out for a series of these products. The seats have now cracked and broken on over one hundred kids. Two children suffered broken arms and thirty-nine kids were reported to have gotten scrapes, bruises, and bumps to the head.

Consumer Recall

Little Tykes and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled roughly 540,000 of these swings. According to this division of the US Government, only swings with white or blue buckles are affected. They include swings manufactured between November 2009 and December 2013 and carrying the model number 615573, which is molded into the back. The Little Tykes statement contains more detailed information and can be found here.

What Parents Can Do

When shopping for a safe swing for your child, follow these guidelines:

  • Look for a higher-quality product
  • The swing should hang at least eight inches or more from the ground
  • The swing should hang eight inches or more apart from other swings
  • Inspect the swing for wear and tear twice per month year round

Examples of Product Liability

The Consumer Product Safety Commission outlines that manufacturers have a responsibility to protect people from “unreasonable risk” of “injury or death.” However, faulty and unsafe products cost the United States one trillion dollars per year.

These are acts of negligence that product manufacturers can be held accountable for:

  • Warranty Failure – If the terms they promise in this document are not upheld
  • Misrepresentation – If how they present the product misrepresents its safety level
  • Negligence – When proper care is not taken in constructing, testing, or inspecting a product

Defective Products and You

When a product harms someone, a product liability case is the best way to make sure justice is served. Finding a law firm that can handle the extent of the investigation required for these matters is essential. Research into what went wrong can be intensive, calling for an in-depth investigation of the material manufacturer, producer, shipper, tester, and more. Often, more than one entity is culpable. For instance, a product could be made of a contaminated plastic that is compromised and breaks too easily. The product company catches this problem but because of not wanting to miss the ship date for the store, sends it out anyway. Coverups are all too common in commercial product liability cases.

In the case of children’s products, extra care must be taken to prevent choking, toxicity, or fall hazards, as well as ensuring that little fingers can’t get around safety measures.

Sacramento Product Liability Lawyers

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