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19 Feb How Can a Lawyer Get You Out of the Sacramento County Jail?

When you’re arrested for a crime in Sacramento, the police will typically take you to the Sacramento County Jail. At the jail, the police will gather your personal information and put you in a jail cell while you wait for your court date or the opportunity to post bail. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a lawyer.

If you aren’t familiar with the legal process, speaking to a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can be the key to getting out of jail quickly. An attorney can also come up with a defense strategy to fight your charges. The jail release process will depend greatly on the severity of the crime you’re charged with. 

Own Recognizance 

Many inmates in the Sacramento County Jail are released on their own recognizance (ROR). To be released on your own recognizance, you must provide a written statement promising to appear on your court date. In your written statement, you must also promise not to engage in illegal activity while you’re ROR.

The judge will usually only grant an ROR release if you’re charged with a nonviolent misdemeanor that is of a less-serious nature. Shoplifting charges, traffic violations, and first-time offenses may qualify for an ROR release.

Release on Citation

Another type of release for lower-level offenses is a release on citation. Unlike an ROR release, a release on citation means you never go to jail. Arresting officers are given the option to issue a citation as opposed to taking a charged individual to jail. An arresting officer will only release someone on citation if the charged individual promises to appear in court.

Although a release on citation may make it feel as if you’ve avoided arrest, this isn’t the case. It’s still necessary to call a lawyer and discuss your citation in greater detail if you hope to avoid a conviction on your court date. 

Posting Bail

For more serious misdemeanor and felony charges, the judge may require you to post bail before being released from jail. Posting bail means you must pay the court the specified bail amount to go home from the jail before your court date. This bail amount incentivizes you to return on the day of court, because if you return, you get your money back.

Bail amounts are higher for more serious charges because the judge wants to ensure that you won’t run away if you’re released from jail. If you can’t afford to post bail, your family or friends may be able to help. You’ll then be indebted to your friend or family member, however, if you don’t show up for court.

Contact a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

It can be overwhelming to deal with the bail process in addition to your upcoming trial. Having an experienced legal team by your side is essential if you hope to get out of jail and successfully fight your case. If you’re ready to speak with a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer from Crowell Law Offices, fill out the contact form below or call 916-303-2800 to schedule a free consultation with our team.