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Robert Darrohn

Robert Darrohn is a Trial Attorney with Crowell Law Offices, having earned this position through hard work and proven results.

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Hendrick Crowell

Over the last 22 years, attorney Hendrick Crowell has fought in the courtroom to get the best possible result for his clients.

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Dan Tenenbaum

Daniel J. Tenenbaum is our specialist attorney in the area of personal injury. He does whatever it takes to get his clients justice.  

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Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy joined Crowell Law Offices as a senior paralegal and works closely with our trial attorneys to better serve clients.

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Lisa Berkenpas

Lisa, born and raised in Sacramento, is very knowledgeable about the local courts in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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Esther Choe

Esther worked with labor organizations to advocate for worker’s rights that strengthened her desire to enter the legal field.

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