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Sacramento Seat Belt Injury Lawyer

A Sacramento seat belt malfunction attorney from our firm will help you hold negligent manufacturers accountable for the injuries they caused you.

Your seat belt is one of the most important safety devices in your vehicle. You have faith every day that it will function properly. If it didn’t and you were injured because of poor design or manufacturing, you can seek compensation from those responsible for your injuries.

You might have suffered extensive losses because of your seat belt’s failure to protect you. You may be suffering from physical pain caused by your injuries; you could be overwhelmed with medical expenses; and you may be missing time from work or be unable to return to work because of permanent disability.

A Sacramento seat belt injury lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can help you obtain compensation for your injuries and suffering by filing an injury claim against those who caused your injuries. Filing an injury claim can allow you to obtain the justice you desire and the monetary compensation you need.

Common Factors That Lead to Seat Belt Injuries in Sacramento

Almost all vehicles in the United States have seat belts, but how much do we really think about them? You get into your car and buckle up, expecting that the belt is going to do its job if you’re ever involved in an accident.

What if it fails to do its job? What if you’re injured because your seat belt malfunctions? Shouldn’t someone be responsible when that happens?

We think so.

Designers and manufacturers should be testing seat belts to ensure they meet safety standards, and if they find flaws, they had better not overlook them. Take a look at some of the ways your seat belt can malfunction and lead to serious injuries:

  • False latching
  • Inertial unlatching
  • Issues with seat belt webbing
  • Retractor failure
  • Mounting system failure

Other Ways Your Seat Belt Could Injure You

In addition to leading to severe injuries in the event of a malfunction, your seat belt could have caused your injuries when it was working exactly as intended. The force of an accident can often undo many of the protections seat belts provide.

The trauma to your body when you hit the seat belt in an accident could leave you with devastating physical injuries. When that happens, you may be eligible to sue whoever was responsible for the vehicle collision in order to obtain compensation for your Sacramento seat belt injuries.

Sacramento Seat Belt Injury Compensation

The following is a list of damages you could seek compensation for in your seat belt injury claim:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs related to the injuries your seat belt caused
  • Mental trauma and mental health services
  • Physical therapy, mobility devices, and caregiving services
  • Lost enjoyment of your life
  • Missed work wages
  • Permanent disability

Call a Sacramento Seat Belt Injury Attorney

Filing a personal injury claim for your seat belt injuries isn’t easy. Going up against a major manufacturer means facing a company with deep pockets and a huge team of lawyers. Trying to handle all of this on your own would be stressful and could exacerbate your medical condition.

Luckily, a Sacramento seat belt injury lawyer is here to help. The team at Crowell Law Offices is experienced with handling poor auto design and manufacturing cases. Call 916-303-2800 or fill out the contact form below to get started on your case.