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Is a DUI a Felony in California?

If you’re caught driving under the influence in Sacramento, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, you’ll likely receive a misdemeanor criminal charge. A first-time DUI conviction in California can result in fines of between $390 and $1,000, as well as up to six months in jail and up to six months with a suspended license. The judge may order a three-year informal probation period and three months of DUI school.

Even if you receive a second or third DUI charge in California, your charges will usually be misdemeanors; however, your penalties will be more severe. There are only three ways you can receive a felony for a DUI in California, but regardless of what type of DUI charge you receive, fighting your case is crucial. A Sacramento DUI lawyer from Crowell Law Offices wants to help.

Felony Charges for California DUIs

You can receive a felony for a DUI in California if you’re driving under the influence and cause severe bodily injury to someone else. You can also receive a felony charge if you receive four or more DUI convictions within a ten-year period. If you have a previous DUI felony conviction on your record and are caught driving under the influence, you’ll receive another DUI felony conviction.

Penalties for Felony DUI Charges in California

You can receive both fines and prison time for a felony DUI charge. When you go to trial for your case, the judge and jury will assess various factors, such as the severity of any injuries you inflicted on any victims and your alleged level of negligence. They may also look at the nature of your previous DUI convictions. Your DUI attorney in Sacramento can negotiate for you and try to reduce your charges.

Discuss Your Case with a Sacramento DUI Attorney

Fighting your charges in court is crucial if you hope to avoid prison time. If you’re ready to build a strong defense, speaking with an experienced attorney about your case is the first step. To schedule a free consultation with a Sacramento DUI lawyer from Crowell Law Offices, fill out the contact form below or call 916-303-2800.