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Criminal Defense Case Results


Z.V. Charge: Two misdemeanor cases, wet reckless and vandalism Results: Early termination and expungement granted on both cases County: El Dorado 3/11/2020
Y.B. Charge: Burglary (Juvy) Results: Dismissed County: Sacramento 3/9/2020
A.H. Charge: Petition to seal arrest record Results: Granted County: Sacramento 3/6/2020
H.C. Charge: Petition for 17b and expungement Results: Granted County: Sacramento 3/5/2020
D.T. Charge: Misdemeanor DUI Results: probation completed, case dismissed County: Sacramento 2/28/2020
A.N. Charge: Felony drug manufacturing Results: Resolved for a misdemeanor with time served County: Butte 2/21/2020
D.G. Charge: Domestic Violence, Felony Results: Resolved for a misdemeanor, 90 days jail suspended with 30 AAs and 12 A/M classes County: Sacramento 2/11/2020
T.H. Charge: Felony negligent discharge of firearm and possession of a stolen firearm Results: DEJ diversion, life and gun safety class for dismissal County: Sacramento 2/4/2020
M.D. Charge: DUI Results: Wet reckless County: El Dorado 1/31/2020
J.B. Charge: Petition for dismissal Results: Granted County: Sacramento 1/17/2020
C.P. Charge: Misdemeanor evading Results: Resolved for infraction County: Sacramento 1/15/2020
K.R.& D.L. Charge: Felony DUI Results: early termination, felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor and expungement granted County: Sacramento 1/3/2020
E.A. Charge: Felony Domestic Violence and 422 (strike) Results: Dismissed for 12 A/M Classes County: Sacramento 12/23/2019
A.C. Charge: Kidnapping and robbery with a possible life sentence Results: Kidnapping dismissed at the preliminary hearing and the possibility of life sentence removed County: Yolo 12/23/2019
M.K. Charge: Failing or neglecting to properly endorse, date, and deliver the certificate of ownership (14 counts) Results: 13 counts dismissed and pled to one count County: Sacramento 12/17/2019
T.M. Charge: Felony discharging a firearm Results: Felony conviction reduced to misdemeanor and case expunged County: Sacramento 12/16/2019
C.C. Charge: 2ND DUI Results: Dismissed through veteran’s court County: Yuba 12/16/2019
C.R. Charge: Petty theft arrest with the DA declined to file Results: Petition to seal granted County: Sacramento 12/6/2019
D.P. Charge: Misdemeanor battery with the DA declined to file Results: Petition to seal granted County: Sacramento 12/6/2019
S.M. Charge: Felony hit & run Results: resolved for misdemeanor hit & run, injury charge dismissed, no jail and no license suspension 12/5/2019
E.T. Charge: DUI Results: Case expunged County: Sacramento 11/25/2019
J.S. Charge: Misdemeanor gun possession Results: Dismissed County: Sacramento 11/22/2019
J.N. Charge: Drunk in public Results: Dismissed County: Placer 11/22/2019