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Sacramento Theft Lawyer

Even a shoplifting charge can stick with you and affect your life for years. So when you’ve been accused of theft, you need a Sacramento theft attorney to make sure the charge has as little impact on your life as possible.

If you are accused of committing theft, you likely have an uphill battle ahead of you, and the consequences may be life-changing.

A conviction can harm your chances of future employment, state licensing, and other benefits. Although some theft convictions can eventually be expunged, they will still surface on background checks, making it difficult to gain employment and earn a living.

With the immediate attention of a Sacramento theft lawyer from Crowell Law Offices, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or even completely dismissed, depending on the circumstances of your case.


Common Theft Crimes in California

You may be a productive citizen who made an unfortunate mistake and deserve a second chance. Or you may be innocent, wrongly accused of a theft based on false allegations or misleading evidence. In either case, a lawyer from our firm will work hard to fight your charges.

Common types of theft include the following:

  • Petty Theft – Stealing property valued under $950
  • Grand Theft – Stealing property valued over $950
  • Grand Theft of a Firearm – Stealing a firearm valued over $950
  • Grand Theft Auto – Stealing a vehicle valued over $950
  • Auto Burglary – Breaking into a vehicle and stealing contents within
  • Shoplifting – Stealing merchandise from a commercial shop

Other theft charges that may include serious penalties include embezzlement, mail theft, receiving stolen property, and carjacking.


Fighting Your Theft Charges

Depending on the circumstances of your unique case, a Sacramento larceny lawyer from our firm will fight your charges with any number of defenses, which may potentially lead to the charges against you being reduced or dropped.

The most common defenses for theft include the following:

  • Intent – Intent to steal is theft. If you did not intend to steal, we can defend your theft charge on that fact. For example, if someone planted something on you, you did not intend to steal it.
  • Asportation – This is an essential component of the crime of theft. If you did not possess or move the item in question, you did not steal it.
  • Claim of Right – This defense works if you accidently took something you thought was yours. For example, if there were two identical backpacks at soccer practice, and you incorrectly took the one you thought was yours, you did not commit theft.
  • Ownership – If something is already yours, you cannot steal it. If someone gives you an item, wants it back, and accuses you of stealing the item, this defense could apply.


Penalties for Sacramento Theft Crimes

In California, penalties for theft can be harsh and expensive. If you’re convicted, you may face the following punishments:

  • Misdemeanor Theft Charges – Up to $1,000 in fines and/or up to one year in county jail
  • Felony Theft Charges – Up to $10,000 in fines and/or up to three years in jail


Contact a Theft Attorney

The attorneys at Crowell Law Offices have experience representing those charged with theft crimes. That means we know the best defenses for these charges and how to reduce their impact on your life.

Don’t let a theft charge damage your record forever; contact a Sacramento theft lawyer who will protect your rights. Give us a call at 916-303-2800 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page.