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Sacramento Counterfeiting Lawyer

If you have been charged with counterfeiting and you aren’t sure what to do next when your freedom is on the line, contact a qualified counterfeiting lawyer in Sacramento for help with your legal defense.

A counterfeiting charge should never be taken lightly. If convicted of such a crime, you could be facing serious legal, personal, professional, and financial consequences. You’re entitled to a defense, but working with a public defender could mean your case doesn’t get the personal attention it deserves.

Fortunately, when you choose to get help from a reputable Sacramento counterfeiting lawyer at Crowell Law Offices, you can be sure that your defense will be a top priority. Continue reading to learn more about what it means to be charged with counterfeiting and what the legal penalties associated with a guilty verdict could be.

What Constitutes Counterfeiting in Sacramento?

Counterfeiting can take several different forms. The most commonly-thought-of type of counterfeiting is counterfeit money. But any item that has been unlawfully duplicated could be considered counterfeit. Other examples of counterfeit items could include:

  • Trading cards
  • Wills/powers of attorney
  • Checks
  • Medication
  • Car parts
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Tickets for public transit

There are also different types of counterfeiting crimes you could be charged with. For example, if you are in possession of a counterfeit item with an intent to sell it, that could be grounds for a counterfeiting charge.

Manufacturing and trafficking counterfeit items is also illegal and could result in serious consequences if you are convicted. In order to be prosecuted for counterfeiting in California, the prosecuting attorney will need to be able to prove that you had intent to defraud.

Penalties for a Sacramento Counterfeiting Conviction

The consequences of a guilty counterfeiting verdict can be long-lasting. In most counterfeiting cases, the accused counterfeiter will be charged with a felony, although it is possible to be charged with a misdemeanor under California law.

In either case, if you are convicted, you could spend up to four years in prison, pay considerable fines, be placed on probation, ordered to complete community service, and face several other penalties. Furthermore, you will have a criminal record that could make it difficult for you to find a good job, affordable housing, and otherwise rebuild your reputation and your life.

Your counterfeiting lawyer in Sacramento will need to closely examine the individual details of your case to determine which defense is most likely to result in your acquittal. Maybe you had no idea that the item in question was counterfeit, or perhaps there was no intent to defraud, for example.

There is also the possibility that it may be in your best interests to accept a plea agreement if the evidence against you is strong. You will work closely with your lawyer to determine which path is best for your case.

Reach Out to a Counterfeiting Lawyer in Sacramento

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