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Sacramento Violent Crime Lawyer

A strong defense can make all the difference for your life and freedom after you’ve been charged with a violent crime. Make sure you have a good shot at a favorable outcome by hiring a Sacramento violent crime attorney to represent you.

When you’re accused of a violent crime, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the fear of what could happen. If your violent crime charge turns into a conviction, you’ll face harsh punishments and serious damage to your financial stability.

But in the wake of a violent crime charge, it’s important that you act quickly and intelligently by teaming up with an attorney who has the necessary skills to help you navigate the legal proceedings you’re about to face.

When you work with a Sacramento violent crime lawyer, you’ll have access to the best legal representation in the area to help you safeguard your future and your financial and social standing. The team at Crowell Law Offices is here to help Sacramento residents deal with violent crime charges.

Examples of Violent Crimes

Without specialized education and training, attempting to navigate the inner workings of the legal system can be incredibly confusing. Often, defendants don’t even understand the severity of their charges until they have been convicted and sentenced.

To build a strong defense for you, your Sacramento violent offense lawyer will need to know the details of the crime you’re accused of. And it’s important that you understand the charges against you.

Some examples of violent crimes in the state of California include the following acts:

  • Domestic violence against a spouse, family member, or household member
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Homicide
  • Physical assault and battery
  • Gang violence
  • Acts of terrorism or being involved in a terrorist organization
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Kidnapping


What Happens if You’re Convicted

In most states, the classification and sentencing of violent crime charges are based on varying degrees of the crimes. However, in California, things work a bit differently. Crimes are broken down into three categories, which each category carrying varying degrees of consequences.

The first category is an infraction, the second is a misdemeanor, and the third is a felony.

Infractions are the most minor offenses and carry the most minor penalties. Most often, being convicted of an infraction only carries with it a fine. There is no jail time involved, and an infraction may not result in a mark on your permanent record. Violent crimes generally do not fall under this category.

A misdemeanor is a step up from an infraction in terms of severity, but it is still not the harshest degree of conviction you can face. When you are found guilty of a misdemeanor, you may be penalized with up to six months in a county jail and charged with a fine of up to $1,000.

A felony is the most severe conviction you can receive. The penalties for a felony are as harsh as they can possibly be, and they have the potential to completely alter your life and your future.

If you are found guilty of a felony, you may be expected to spend time in a state prison, likely with a minimum of at least one year as your sentence. You can also expect to pay $1,000 or more in fines and fees.

Unfortunately, most violent crimes are classified as felonies. Because you may face the harshest possible penalties for a violent crime conviction, you’ll want a Sacramento violent crime attorney working aggressively to fight the charges against you.


Why You Need a Sacramento Violent Crime Attorney

Beyond the basic penalties of fines and prison, your life will be affected in much bigger ways if you’re convicted of a violent crime in Sacramento. If you are found guilty, you’ll likely face social isolation, difficulty finding a job, removal from your residence, and more.

You need to have a fighting chance at proving your innocence. But without the right training and experience, building a viable defense could prove impossible. Luckily, that’s what your Sacramento violent crime attorney is here for.

Your lawyer will help prove your innocence by creating a viable defense strategy. Using evidence like key witness statements, expert testimony, and any available audio or video footage, he or she will paint an accurate picture of the events in question to prove your character and why you deserve minimal or no punishment.

Your attorney will also use his or her advanced negotiation skills to bring your charges down from a severe sentence to something less extreme.

In some cases, your Sacramento violent offense attorney may even be able to utilize his or her legal prowess to have your charges thrown out completely. This will help you avoid a conviction and any associated penalties so that your record is clear and the events are behind you.


Representing Yourself Is Not a Good Option

Many people who are accused of violent crimes initially believe they can represent themselves in court. However, this strategy is not advisable because your lawyer will have in-depth knowledge of California law, the charges against you, and how to fight to reduce the punishments you may face.

Additionally, the prosecution is going to have lawyers who are fighting aggressively to prove your guilt and punish you harshly. Facing that kind of opposition, you’ll want a talented Sacramento violent offense lawyer on your side.


Contact a Sacramento Violent Crime Attorney

Time is of the essence after you’ve been charged with a violent crime in Sacramento. You need strong legal representation to give yourself the best chance of protecting your future.

The qualified attorneys at Crowell Law Offices have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to justice to make sure your story is heard at a fair and proper trial. We’ll work hard to help you beat the charges against you or receive the most lenient punishment available to you.

Get in touch with a Sacramento violent crime lawyer by calling 916-303-2800 to schedule a consultation. If you would prefer to reach out online, you can contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.