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Sacramento Shoplifting Lawyer

Have you been arrested for shoplifting in Sacramento? Hiring a Sacramento retail theft lawyer with Crowell Law Offices can help you get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Many people believe retail theft isn’t something to get worked up about. The stores have so much stuff—they won’t notice if you take one small thing, right? Wrong. Stores are businesses, and they are in it to make money. They can’t afford to have their merchandise pilfered, and they will pursue charges against suspected shoplifters.

Many stores even have a loss-prevention department with the job of catching shoplifters. If you’ve already been “caught,” consider working with a Sacramento shoplifting lawyer who may be able to minimize the damage to your life that a shoplifting conviction can cause.

Sacramento Shoplifting Defined

The crime of shoplifting in California is defined as entering a business during normal business hours and stealing something valued at less than $950. If you enter the business with an intent to steal outside of normal business hours, that crime is considered burglary.

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor unless you’ve committed prior shoplifting offenses or you have certain prior offenses on your record. If you steal something of greater value than $950, the charge increases.

Penalties for Shoplifting in Sacramento

Shoplifting and larceny penalties vary from state to state. Here are California’s penalties for shoplifting:

Offense Legal Penalties Life Consequences
First-offense shoplifting charge Misdemeanor – Fine up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, possible probation Difficulty securing employment, embarrassment
Second- and third-offense shoplifting charge, or if you have certain prior convictions Possible Felony – Significant fines, jail or prison time, possible probation Difficulty securing employment, embarrassment, financial struggles, loss of certain rights

How Your Sacramento Retail Theft Lawyer Can Defend You

When you’ve been accused of shoplifting in Sacramento, it may seem impossible to avoid a conviction, but there are actually several ways to do so. Here are a few of the defenses your attorney could use to keep a shoplifting conviction off of your record:

  • Police misconduct affected your arrest or subsequent handling.
  • You had no intent to steal.
  • You were falsely accused.

Even if your attorney can’t get your charges dropped entirely, we can often get the charges reduced, which can significantly change how your charge will affect your life.

Call a Sacramento Shoplifting Attorney

The crime of shoplifting may seem like no big deal, but all crimes can negatively impact your life—if you’re convicted. Even misdemeanor theft charges can seriously hinder your ability to secure decent employment if they stick.

Most employers will not hire anyone convicted of a theft charge of any kind. They’re fearful that, if you would steal from a store, you would steal from them, too. You want to avoid the negative consequences of a conviction, but to do that, you may need to work with a qualified and experienced defense attorney at Crowell Law Offices.

Schedule a free case review with a Sacramento shoplifting lawyer by completing the form below or calling us at 916-303-2800.