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Sacramento Drugged Driving Lawyer

Drugged driving is a serious charge that can drastically change your future for the worse. A Sacramento drugged driving attorney has the tools and knowledge to prove your innocence or reduce your punishment.

Being charged with drugged driving can be just as serious as driving under the influence of alcohol—even if the drugs were prescription drugs you take for your health.

If you’re charged with drugged driving, you could face fines, jail time, and difficulty getting a job. That’s why many people in that situation turn to a Sacramento drugged driving lawyer for help.


Drugged Driving in Sacramento

Law enforcement agencies in Sacramento and the rest of the nation are increasingly concerned with drugged driving. While keeping dangerous drivers off the roads is a good thing, increased enforcement efforts mean people who are taking drugs a doctor has prescribed them are being punished unfairly.

Some people who are charged with drugged driving are accused of using recreational drugs or medication for which they don’t have a prescription. If that’s the case for you, a Sacramento attorney can still defend you.

Your drugged driving attorney knows how to properly display your innocence. He or she will use the facts and the circumstances of your charges to defend you in the most effective manner possible.


Penalties for Drugged Driving

The state of California treats drugged driving the same way it treats DUI. If you’re convicted of drugged driving, the charge will appear on your record as a DUI.

In addition, the same punishments apply to drugged drivers. For a misdemeanor drugged driving charge, the penalties you could face include the following:

  • Suspension of your drivers license
  • An $1,800 fine for a first offense
  • Probation for three to five years
  • Jail time
  • A mandatory DUI education class


When Drugged Driving Is a Felony

Under certain circumstances, your drugged driving charge can be a felony. Those circumstances include the following:

  • It’s your fourth or subsequent DUI offense
  • You have a previous felony DUI conviction
  • Your drugged driving causes a crash that harms someone else


Other Consequences You Could Face

In addition to criminal penalties, you could suffer indirect consequences. Notably, your insurance company may be inclined to raise your rates after a drugged driving conviction.

A drugged driving charge that sticks could negatively affect your financial situation and your employment status, and it might even prevent you from driving altogether.


Defending You

A Sacramento drugged driving attorney from our firm may use any of a number of possible defenses in your case. These may include the following:

  • You were not under the influence of drugs at the time of your arrest
  • A physical or mental condition was mistaken for drug impairment
  • Analysis, collection, or storage of your blood samples was handled incorrectly


Call a Drugged Driving Lawyer

Being charged with a drugged driving offense in Sacramento can be extremely stressful. And it can negatively affect your future.

But a Sacramento drugged driving lawyer with Crowell Law Offices will work to secure you the most lenient punishment possible. To get started, call 916-303-2800 of fill out the online contact form below.