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Disobeying Traffic Device Lawyer Sacramento

When you are driving, walking or riding a bicycle, you have certain responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities include paying attention to traffic control devices. The state of California and the city of Sacramento are responsible for implementing those traffic devices to keep you (and other people using the roads) safe.


What are “Traffic Devices” and the Laws that Govern Them?

Traffic control devices are signs and signals that help motorists make their way through busy Sacramento streets. They govern drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Anything that attempts to control traffic can be considered a traffic control device. In the state of California, the California Department of Transportation has established very specific laws about obeying traffic control devices.


Stop Signs

Many intersections in Sacramento feature stop signs. As a driver, you are responsible for coming to a full stop before proceeding in any direction. Under California law, stop signs must meet stringent specifications and be placed in precise locations.


Traffic Lights

Most of the intersections downtown have traffic signals. These traffic signals are supposed to be synchronized in accordance with California law. As a driver, it is your responsibility to understand traffic signals when you use the roads, including how to handle flashing yellow lights, green arrows and red lights.


Changeable Message Signs

Changeable message signs, also referred to as variable message signs, our traffic control devices that display one are more alternative messages. Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are responsible for reading the content of changeable message signs and obeying their directions.


Channelizing Devices

Channelizing devices are designed to guide drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, and they typically run through work zones. Channelizing devices include:

  • Traffic cones
  • Vertical panels
  • Tubular markers
  • Construction barrels or drums


Road Surface Markings

Road service markings include yellow and white lines, raised markings with reflectors, and pedestrian cross-striping are all examples of road surface markings. Painted arrows and instructions such as “STOP AHEAD” are also road surface markings that can count as traffic control devices under California law.

Rumble strips – raised patches of road that create tactile vibration and audible rumbling – are also traffic devices that alert drivers that they need to pay attention (they’re typically used to tell drivers they’ve veered from the traffic lanes or that they need to slow down).


What Happens if You Disobey Traffic Devices in Sacramento?

Police can issue you a citation or arrest you if you disobey traffic devices in Sacramento. The type of citation you receive will depend on the type of violation you’ve committed. If police feel that you have put other motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists in danger, or if you have put yourself in danger, the police may choose to detain you.


Penalties for Disobeying Traffic Control Devices

In many cases, the penalties for disobeying a traffic control devices in Sacramento range between a nominal fine and the loss of your driver’s license.

It’s important that you know that the state will assume that you are admitting guilt if you pay the fine.

If you’re guilty of disobeying a traffic device, depending on the violation, the courts may assign violation points to your driver’s license. California’s vehicle code mandates that drivers with a certain number of violation point on their licenses receive a license suspension.

Your driving privileges can be revoked if you accumulate:

  • Four or more points within 12 months
  • Six or more points within 2 years
  • Eight or more points within 3 years

Different violations carry different point values. For example, crossing safety cones can result in one point; driving on a suspended or revoked license can result in two points.

Pedestrians and bicyclists do not receive points on their driver’s licenses for disobeying traffic devices. However, if you are behind the wheel, you will accumulate points. If you commit multiple violations, the courts can assign multiple points to your license.


Talk with a Traffic Device Lawyer in Sacramento Today

If police have cited you for disobeying traffic devices, a lawyer in Sacramento may be able to help you avoid fines and points on your license, which can help you retain your driving privileges.

Call us at 916-303-2800 or contact us online for free case evaluation today. Time is not on your side; if you fail to respond to your traffic citation before the date listed on the ticket, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest and suspend your license automatically.