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Yolo County DUI Lawyer

Don’t let a DUI conviction ruin your life. Defend yourself with the help of a Yolo County DUI attorney.

The moment you see the blue and red lights behind you on the road, your future is potentially at risk. If you’re charged with a DUI, you may face serious criminal, financial, and social consequences.

That’s why you need to be equipped with competent legal representation. Trying to beat your DUI charges without help will more than likely end with severe consequences.

The attorneys at Crowell Law Offices are here to help you find minimal sentencing and possibly even dropped DUI charges. Work with a Yolo County DUI lawyer to give yourself the best possible representation while fighting your charges.


Yolo County DUI Defense Strategies

The goal when creating a defense strategy is to dodge as much responsibility for your DUI as possible. Doing so on your own is next to impossible. But a DUI lawyer from our firm will provide you with the knowledge that comes from years of experience helping defendants with their DUI charges.

Based on the factors of your case, your attorney will know which defense strategies best fit your circumstances. He or she will build a case that proves why you shouldn’t be punished.

Some defense strategies available for your attorney to use include the following:


Duress – This defense strategy aims to prove that the only reason you used your vehicle while under the influence is because you were in a state of duress. For example, if someone were to threaten you or force you to get behind the wheel, the liability would be shifted.

Necessity – Another Yolo County DUI defense strategy involves proving that you only operated your vehicle to prevent a situation that was so dangerous that it necessitated getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

Involuntary Intoxication – In an instance where you were forced to ingest or unknowingly ingested alcohol, you would have the right to claim involuntary intoxication as part of your defense strategy.



Potential Penalties

Your sentencing will be based on whether this is your first DUI. For most defendants, the sentencing is much less severe for the first offense. With each subsequent offense, the penalties will become increasingly harsh.

First-time offenders may have to pay up to $3,200 in fines, spend three years on probation, spend time in an alcohol education program, and suffer two points on their license. And of course the penalty increases for second and third offenders.  Please call for an update on the 2019 license suspension laws.

Talk to a Yolo County Drunk Driving Attorney

The qualified defense attorneys at Crowell Law Offices are prepared to help you fight your DUI charges. We’ve helped countless defendants find favorable outcomes while protecting their rights throughout their legal proceedings.

To get in touch with a Yolo County DUI lawyer today, give us a call at 916-303-2800 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page.