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California Drug Laws You Should Know About

20 Oct California Drug Laws You Should Know About

The more you know about drug laws, the better prepared you’ll be to protect yourself or someone you love if they ever face drug charges. The drug laws in California are dynamic and constantly changing, so staying abreast of the latest developments helps our clients stay out of jail and avoid expensive fines.

In September 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom took historic action and signed ten cannabis-related bills into law that are meant to strengthen the state’s marijuana laws, expand the market for legal pot, and rectify the harm done by the prohibition of cannabis.

You can check out the governor’s website about these changes, and you can take a look at the breakdown below to learn more.

California Drug Law SB 1326

SB 1326 allows trade agreements between California and other states where marijuana is legal. Keep in mind, however, that while the governor has the authority to sign interstate marijuana trade agreements, you could still get in trouble for crossing state lines with drugs unless certain conditions are met.

If you are a grower of legal cannabis and have questions about transporting products, it’s highly advisable to consult a lawyer from our firm who will be up to date on any restrictions you may face.

California Drug Law SB 73

Mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug crimes are now a thing of the past in California since SB 73 was signed into law. This measure lets judges assign probation instead of incarceration. 

Supporters say it ends a policy failure that led to racism in sentencing and forced judges to send nonviolent offenders to jail even if that judge felt the punishment was too harsh for the crime. SB 73 is being hailed as another step toward righting the wrongs done by the controversial War on Drugs.

California Drug Law AB 2188

Have you been fired from a job because of your marijuana use, even though you’ve never used it around the workplace or during work hours? There’s good news.

Assembly Bill 2188 now prevents employers from discriminating against you if you smoke cannabis outside of work. The new law covers discrimination in hiring, termination, or any condition or term of employment. If your employer chooses to take action against you, you now have grounds to take action to protect your employment rights. 

Still Have Questions? Ask a Lawyer About California Drug Laws

Taking the time to get educated about drug laws is a good first step. However, many clients still come to us in a state of confusion because things are changing so fast. It’s still easy to make a mistake that leads to serious consequences for you and your future. 

Our lawyers are here to help you understand the changing state laws around marijuana and take action if you’re facing penalties for drug-related charges. You can get your questions answered with a free consultation by filling out our online form or calling the Crowell Law Offices at 916-303-2800 to speak with a member of our staff.