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17 Jun How Is Fault Determined in Multiple-Car Accidents?

Most people think of vehicle wrecks as involving two vehicles, but sometimes vehicle wrecks can include multiple vehicles. When many people are involved in a crash, how do you know who’s at fault? It can be more challenging to determine fault when several different drivers are to blame—yet it is possible.

In order to find out who is at fault for accidents involving multiple parties, you will need to investigate the crash. Investigation is always important in determining fault for a vehicle crash, but it becomes more challenging when several cars are involved. It’s important for you to act quickly to gather evidence and prove your case in these types of complex collisions.

What Could Have Caused a Multiple-Car Accident?

Although crashes involving multiple parties can be more challenging to investigate, the basic process is the same. You need to figure out what caused the crash and whether negligence was involved.

Additionally, more than one of the involved drivers could have been negligent in the crash. This means that you can actually pursue multiple drivers for the damages you’ve sustained in your accident. Let’s look at an example.

Say you are driving on a freeway when a drunk driver sideswipes another driver and that driver collides with you. Now say that the driver who was sideswiped could have avoided colliding with you if they hadn’t been looking down at their phone when the drunk driver hit them.

As you can see, the drunk driver is mostly to blame for causing the crash, but the distracted driver could also be found somewhat liable for your injuries.

Investigating Your Crash and Submitting Your Claim Against Multiple Parties

In order to receive a settlement for the injuries you’ve sustained, you will need to prove your case against the parties that hurt you. You can hire a lawyer to investigate your accident to gather evidence against the parties who were responsible for your wreck.

Your attorney will hire crash scene experts, gather physical evidence, collect police and crash reports, and help you calculate your damages. They will then put together your case and file it with all of the at-fault drivers’ insurance companies.

Investigating and proving a vehicle crash case is what your auto injury lawyer does every day. They know what types of evidence to collect, what to look for when determining cause, and they will stop at nothing to get you the settlement you need and the justice you deserve.

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No matter what kind of collision you’ve been involved in, your injuries may be serious. You could be suffering physical pain, mental trauma, and other losses related to your accident. You deserve compensation when others were responsible for your crash—whether your crash involved one other driver or twenty.

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