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Sacramento Distracted Driving Lawyers


Driving while distracted has quickly become recognized as one of the most dangerous actions that can be taken on the road. However, this hasn’t stopped distracted driving accidents in Sacramento and across the United States from continuing to rise every year. In the wake of these accidents, survivors can suffer severe and disability-causing injuries that impact their lives for years.

Sacramento Distracted Driving Lawyers


The process of proving fault and gaining compensation can begin on the right note with a call to the Crowell Law Offices at (916) 303-2800. You can receive a free consultation with a Sacramento car accident lawyer that provides you with insight gained from years of legal success. Understanding distracted driving crashes, your rights, and how to prove fault can help you recover from your losses.


The Dangers of Distraction

There are multiple types of distraction, all of which decrease a driver’s focus on the task that he or she should be devoted to: driving. If drivers are busy doing something else with their hands, looking at something other than the road, or have focused their attention on a different task, they will not be able to drive properly.

Today, there are more things than ever that can distract a driver. Cell phones, fellow passengers, the radio, and more factors both inside and outside a vehicle can become a major distraction. However, drivers must still make a choice concerning whether they will focus on the road or on a different task.

There are many different ways that distraction can lead to a crash, but each of them can cause a major or fatal accident.

If a driver is not looking at the road, he or she can travel hundreds of feet in seconds without seeing where they are going. This can lead to high-speed collisions with other cars, pedestrians, or various hazards without any accident prevention measures being taken. If a driver is not looking at the road while stopped at an intersection, he or she can cause major collisions that should have never occurred.

By not having both hands on the wheel or at the ready, drivers will not be able to properly navigate the road. This can lead to a major mistakes and collisions that should have never occurred. Additionally, they will be unable to respond to sudden hazards and prevent potential crashes.

Through simply not focusing completely on the road and the task of driving, major accidents can also occur. Reaction time is decreased, comprehension of road signs is lessened, and actions can be taken that are not right for the road and surroundings. The accidents that occur due to mental distraction can be just as severe as any other type of distraction.


Proving Fault, Finding Compensation

Those who are proven to have caused an injury-causing crash are responsible for paying for the losses experienced by victims. However, survivors and their families must prove fault in order to qualify for the compensation.

Through a claim, or a court case if necessary, evidence can be shown that proves the at-fault party was distracted and caused the accident. Eye witness testimony, phone records, video footage or photos, and more can prove that distraction was occurring at the time of the crash. Additionally, medical and work records will show that you were injured in the accident and have had to deal with serious losses. By doing so, the right amount of compensation can be gained for both past and future difficulties.


The Best Chance at Recovery

If you’ve been harmed because of another driver’s distraction or other dangerous actions, do not wait to call the Sacramento distracted driving attorneys at the Crowell Law Offices. Through a call to our office at (916) 303-2800, you can receive a free consultation that helps you better understand your rights and legal options. With our skilled help, you can find full compensation and the chance at a complete recovery.


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