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How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Sacramento

26 Jun How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Sacramento

If you’ve been hit with a speeding ticket in the state of Sacramento that you don’t feel was justified, you have options available to you, outside of paying the ticket. State law allows drivers to contest traffic tickets they feel were issued unjustly through a process known as trial by written declaration. 

Challenging speeding tickets may be easier than you’d imagine with the assistance of a credible lawyer. Read on for more information on the appropriate steps to take next. 

What Should I Know About Contesting a Speeding Ticket?

Receiving a speeding ticket can leave you feeling angry and concerned about the impact it may have, both financially and in terms of your license. If you turn over your speeding ticket, you’ll see the information concerning pursuing a trial by written declaration on the back, assuming your ticket has been issued for an infraction rather than alcohol or drug-related driving offenses.

Though this avenue for contesting tickets has been available for decades, the California Traffic Court System continues to make more than a billion dollars a year from tickets. Many residents are unaware of their right to contest violations. 

A credible lawyer will be able to talk you through the process of contesting your ticket via mail and can represent you in court. They can help you construct your defense in the best possible manner to discourage prosecution and invalidate your ticket. 

Are All Speeding Tickets the Same?

Though speeding tickets are most commonly referred to under the umbrella term, there are numerous specific citations you may be given. Examples include violations for breaking the speed limit, which prohibits motorists from driving on the highway at speeds exceeding 65 miles per hour

It also includes violations issued when a motorist is deemed to have driven faster than what is considered safe or appropriate given the driving conditions at the time. Different violations may come with different penalties, ranging from fines to points on your license or even a license suspension. 

Regardless of the specific citation, it’s crucial you discover how authorities recorded the supposed violation. Officers use various methods to record speeds, including radar, laser, pacing, and visual estimation. The method used can impact your ticket, with methods such as visual estimation far less reliable than the likes of radar or laser. 

An experienced lawyer will help investigate how your speed was recorded. They have the tools to challenge the credibility of their methodology where necessary to overturn your ticket if possible. 

Choose a Top-Rated Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Sacramento

If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket in the state of Sacramento and wish to challenge it, the support of an experienced attorney can help you get the ticket overturned. 

Reach out to our team at the Crowell Law Offices for the advice and guidance you need to contest your speeding violation. Call 916-303-2800 or leave us a message via the contact form on our website. We’re happy to look at pathways to help you see your ticket overturned, so get in touch to discuss your situation today.