How to Help Your Personal Injury Claim Succeed
How to Help Your Personal Injury Claim Succeed

10 Jan How to Help Your Personal Injury Claim Succeed

When you’ve just been the victim of a serious injury, the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to help your personal injury claim succeed. But your personal injury attorney will need some help from you in order to secure the best outcome possible for your case.

Steps for Personal Injury Claim Success

Here are some of the ways you can help yourself win the most compensation possible with your personal injury claim. The good news is these steps aren’t that difficult. If you can take care of these, your injury attorney will worry about all the legal work needed to win your case.

Step One: Take Notes

It’s not easy to take notes while riding in the back of an ambulance after you’ve been seriously injured. If you can have someone take notes for you, that would work, as well. Write down everything you can remember—the date, time, and place of your accident, the people involved, details about what happened, and anything and everything else.

These notes will be important later for establishing the validity of your case. They will be used to set up a timeline, to figure out who was responsible for your accident, and much more.

Step Two: Take Pictures

Try to get as many pictures as you can. Take pictures of the accident scene from many different angles. Take pictures of your injuries, including after medical treatment. Take pictures of the people involved in the accident and anything else you believe could be helpful to your personal injury lawyer.

Step Three: Document Everything

Various types of documentation will be needed to prove your case. You will need to gather whatever you can, such as medical documentation, notes from your doctors and mental health professionals, witness statements, and police reports.

Your attorney can help with this step, but the sooner you start, the more likely documents won’t get lost or mysteriously disappear.

Step Four: Don’t Say a Word

It might be tempting to talk about your accident, if only to help process your experience, but be careful. You’re going to have all sorts of people calling you to ask what happened, and if you talk to the wrong people, you may inadvertently compromise your own claim.

For example, speaking to the insurance companies on your own could really destroy your case. That’s because insurance adjusters are trying to trick you into admitting some fault for your accident so they can lower your claim’s value. Don’t say anything to them if you can help it. We can speak with them on your behalf.

A Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

And that’s it—you’re done! Those are the steps you need to know to help your personal injury claim succeed. A Sacramento personal injury lawyer with Crowell Law Offices can do the rest.

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