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07 Aug Long-Term Effects of a Bone Fracture

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, resulting in a fracture, both physical and psychological damage may last long after the fracture has healed. Whether you have suffered injuries due to a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall, obtaining focused personalized injury representation can get you the compensation and justice you deserve. 

When you are injured, the effects impact yourself, your family, your friends, and your job. Fractures are widespread, with emergency rooms across California treating hundreds per day. Though most do not have long-term effects and heal quickly, Crowell Law Offices is experienced in getting results for our clients who suffer lengthy complications. 

Nerve Damage

When a bone is seriously damaged, nerve damage may be the result. With a fracture, the primary focus is the repair of the bone, injury to the nerves may not be immediately recognized. Complications from nerve damage include severe shooting pain compared to an electric shock, weakness, altered sensation, or loss of circulation. Depending on the severity, full recovery is not guaranteed.

Weakness and Pain

Changes in strength and ongoing discomfort to the limb that suffered a fracture can be a lasting consequence. For example, if you have fractured your right arm, you may find that it is not as strong as your left, which can cause many problems, especially if it is your dominant hand. Post-traumatic arthritis can cause stiffness and pain in your affected joints, increasing your recovery time. 

Psychological Distress

Any injury can be traumatic; depending on the fracture, your stress response can be life-altering. Depression, anxiety, nightmares, and in some cases, post-traumatic stress disorder all have lasting negative effects. Managing these feelings may take years and significant support from friends, family, and professionals. 

Inability to Enjoy Activities you once Enjoyed

Many factors contribute to your body’s ability to heal. If a fracture does not heal properly due to the injury or pre-existing medical conditions, the debility can impact your ability to perform certain activities of daily living. Activities such as jogging, playing tennis, or even playing catch with your grandchildren may become a hardship due to pain and changes in mobility. 

Psychological effects also may hold you back from participating in things that once came easily to you. If you were injured in a car accident, you might have increased anxiety behind the wheel or fear of driving altogether. Pain and changes in mobility might leave you housebound, and your ability to work might be jeopardized. 

Reputable Personal Injury Attorneys are Here for You

Crowell Law Offices have a record of success in getting our clients compensation for the damages incurred due to the negligence of another. Fractures from an accident can have life-altering complications that last long after the initial treatment. We pride ourselves on getting you the reimbursement for doctor’s bills, medications, and rehabilitation you deserve.

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