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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in California Lawsuits?

The suffering that follows a personal injury can be overwhelming. You deserve to receive full monetary compensation for what you’re going through. Some injuries can be so serious that they affect your daily life and impact your future life happiness.

When you’ve suffered to such an extent, you are likely looking to file a lawsuit in California against the person responsible for all your suffering.

You are owed recompense for your monetary losses, and those can be calculated by adding up the costs associated with your injury. However, your pain and suffering is not easily quantified. Yet, people do manage to put a monetary figure on pain and suffering because they receive damages through settlements or awards.

If they can do it, so can you, but how is pain and suffering calculated in California lawsuits?

Calculating Your Pain and Suffering Damages

There is not just one way to calculate the non-economic losses you’ve suffered. Every person’s injuries, pain, and trauma are unique, and the compensation they believe they are owed will be different.

One way that insurers sometimes calculate pain and suffering damages is to multiply your monetary damages by a figure between one and five. The higher numbers will be assigned to those who’ve suffered more serious injuries.

Another way that pain and suffering can be calculated is to assign an amount of money to each day you’ve suffered because of your injuries. For instance, if you assign an amount of $500 to each day that you dealt with physical pain and mental anguish, you can add up those amounts and come up with a figure that you feel adequately compensates you for your suffering.

Again, there is no perfect way to calculate your losses, but you can work together with an Sacramento personal injury lawyer to come up with a figure that will make you feel whole again after what you’ve been through.

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