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Sacramento Airbag Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a vehicle crash because of a malfunctioning airbag, you can seek compensation for your injuries by filing a personal injury claim against the manufacturer. And a Sacramento airbag injury attorney can help you win your case.

When purchasing a vehicle, one of the questions you ask while weighing the pros and cons of different makes and models is this: What kinds of safety features does this vehicle have? You want to be in a safe car just in case, and you expect those safety features you’re paying for to work when you need them.

The most important safety features your vehicle possesses are the airbags. Airbags are such important features that all makes and models are now required by law to have them. But when your airbag fails to function as intended, you can be seriously injured.

If you were hurt in a crash involving a defective airbag, contact a Sacramento airbag injury lawyer at Crowell Law Offices. We will help you file a claim against the negligent manufacturer. You deserve to be compensated for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered.

Common Airbag Malfunctions and Related Injuries

The following are some common airbag malfunctions:

  • Airbag explodes
  • Airbag deploys at the wrong time (too early or too late)
  • Failure to deploy
  • Deploys with too much force
  • Airbag deploys and shoots out shrapnel
  • Deploys at an ineffective angle

Below are some of the types of injuries you may sustain because of a defective airbag in Sacramento:

Compensation for Your Sacramento Airbag Injuries

Your injuries can result in considerable damages for you. You could be dealing with expensive medical care following your injury, and you could be missing time from work. In addition to medical care, you’re likely dealing with physical pain and emotional struggles directly caused by the airbag injuries and the trauma of being in an auto accident.

By filing an injury claim against the manufacturer of a defective airbag, you can recoup your losses. Here is a list of damages often requested in airbag injury claims in Sacramento:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses, including hospital stays, doctor visits, medications, and physical therapy
  • Mental anguish and mental health services
  • Mobility and caregiving services
  • Missed work wages and disability
  • Loss of your ability to enjoy your life

Contact a Sacramento Airbag Injury Attorney

You have suffered greatly because of your airbag-related injuries, and you should be compensated for all the ways in which your injuries have impacted your life. Not only will you receive monetary compensation, but you could also gain a sense of justice from knowing that the negligent airbag manufacturer is being held accountable.

Personal injury cases often bring public awareness to issues with safety, which can prevent airbag injuries from happening to others. Contact a Sacramento airbag injury lawyer at Crowell Law Offices today. A free claim assessment is yours when you call 916-303-2800 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.