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Sacramento Road Construction Accident Lawyer

Road construction in Sacramento causes lanes to be rerouted and changes in traffic patterns that can lead to accidents. These changes can also involve elements that make drivers nervous or drive in a way they wouldn’t normally.

Even when all safety codes are followed, important details may get overlooked, and accidents happen.

In some cases, car accidents happen because the driver was not paying attention. In other cases, these accidents occur because the road itself was hazardous to travel on or a road construction crew member overlooked an important safety measure. In either case, a Sacramento road construction accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can help sort everything out so that financial liability goes where it belongs.

Sacramento Road Construction Issues

One of the biggest issues with road construction is the traffic. In fact, some roads see so much traffic that it causes damage to the road itself. Sometimes the road is being widened to accommodate the growing number of vehicles, but in the meantime, traffic is detoured through an unfamiliar or narrow route.

In either event, the road may have been dangerous for drivers even before the construction started. In these cases, the construction just adds a few more elements of danger, such as the following:

  • Rerouting to roadways that have limited lane space
  • Steep shoulders
  • Machinery in the wrong place
  • Lack of warning or directional signs

Common Causes of Road Construction Accidents

Some of the most common road construction accidents in Sacramento involve either speeding or distracted driving. Drivers should slow down in construction zones and pay more attention than usual.

When they don’t, the result could be head-on collisions, rollovers, mechanical damage due to road or shoulder conditions, and many other types of accidents that might not have happened if not for the road construction. In these cases, it’s important to examine the details and get in touch with a Sacramento road construction accident lawyer immediately.

Drivers take their cues from road workers and traffic signs that alert them to the dangers ahead. When those are present, most drivers don’t have issues driving through construction zones.

Determining Fault in Road Construction Accidents

It can be very difficult to determine fault in the case of a road construction accident, which is why hiring an experienced Sacramento road construction accident lawyer is important. When you are up against a road construction company or worker, you aren’t going up against the average lawyer representing another driver.

Road construction accidents can be complex. Sometimes, you can find yourself battling a corporate team and a number of other professionals whose jobs are to protect the interests of the company itself. Make sure you have someone on your side to represent your best interests as well.

Experienced Road Construction Accident Lawyers

If you have been in a road construction accident, make sure you have a qualified legal team on your side. A qualified Sacramento road construction accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can help make sure the right person or entity is held responsible for your accident. Make your life easier by calling 916-303-2800 and scheduling a free case evaluation.

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