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Sacramento T-Bone Accident Lawyer

There are several different types of car accidents that occur in Sacramento. Sometimes, the type of car crash that happens can determine the sort of injuries that might result, identify the person at fault, and indicate some of the details that took place before and during the accident.

T-bone accidents have several of these patterns, which can allow an individual familiar with these events to more easily identify all of these items.

This means that if you have been in a T-bone accident that wasn’t your fault, you will need the assistance of an experienced Sacramento T-bone accident lawyer to help you seek the compensation you deserve and to prove your case. The attorneys from Crowell Law Offices are both knowledgeable and familiar with T-bone accidents, enabling us to ensure the right person is held responsible.


Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers


Common Elements of a T-Bone Car Accident

For a T-bone accident to have occurred, the front of one car must have collided with the side of another vehicle. There are only so many situations that can cause this specific type of accident.

Understanding these situations can be helpful in determining fault—and therefore financial responsibility. Below are some of the scenarios that commonly lead to T-bone accidents:

  • The at-fault driver ran a stop sign
  • The defendant ignored a traffic signal or officer
  • Someone hit one of the vehicles from behind, forcing it into traffic
  • One of the drivers was speeding and unable to slow down in time to avoid an accident
  • One of the drivers was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and unable to make sound decisions


Injuries from T-Bone Accidents

There is a long list of injuries that happen due to being involved in a T-bone accident. Some of the most common injuries include broken bones, head and traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, and cuts and lacerations.

Although there are instances where you could be fortunate and only receive minor injuries, a T-bone accident is very likely to result in significant bodily harm. This is because accidents from the front and rear have more between you and the point of impact—the engine, dashboard, seats, or trunk, for example. In a T-bone, all that might be between you and the oncoming car is a window and door.


What a T-Bone Accident Can Cost You

More than just physical injuries can occur as a result of a T-bone. There will inevitably be damage to the vehicle, and mental trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder may also occur.

Some injuries and traumas may cause loss of mobility or prevent you from working. The medical expenses, lost income, and home and vehicle modifications that may be necessary are all but certain to amount to a significant financial burden.


Sound Legal Advice from a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

When you have been injured in a T-bone accident that was caused by someone else, your safest option is to rely on the services, knowledge, and professionalism of an experienced Sacramento T-bone accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of car accident, make sure you have experienced lawyers on your side. We can help ensure that the right person is held responsible and that your final settlement is fair and accounts for all of your needs. Speak with an attorney today by calling us at 916-303-2800, or complete the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a time for a free case evaluation.