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How Do Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

Car accidents are traumatic events and the aftermath isn’t much better. Following your crash, you’ll be dealing with pain, emotional distress, lost wages, and many other negative effects. On top of dealing with your injuries and losses, you may have to take a claim to court if the insurance company isn’t playing fair.

Many people have tremendous stress over the prospect of being in a courtroom. You really shouldn’t worry too much about it because most car crash claims never go to court. Insurance companies often threaten court to get claimants to give in to a lowball settlement offer.

If you are worried about going to court, you’re likely wondering: How do car accident court proceedings go?

The Car Crash Court Process

Below are the basic steps to car accident court proceedings:

Jury Selection

Most car accident court cases will begin with jury selection, unless you have a bench trial, in which a judge would decide your case.

Opening Statements

During opening statements, both sides get to give a summary of what they believe happened during the vehicle collision and who they think was to blame.

Presentation of Evidence and Cross-Examination

This is where both sides present evidence intended to prove their case. This is also where both sides get to ask questions of the other side’s witnesses.

Closing Arguments

Both sides get to give a final statement and argue as to what they believe the outcome of the case should be and why the evidence backs up their case.

Deliberation and Award

The jury will decide whether you have proven your vehicle crash case and how much damages you’re owed.

Get in Touch with a Car Crash Lawyer Near You

If you are in the middle of an insurance claim or thinking about filing one, it’s only natural for you to be worried about how car accident court proceedings go. When you have an attorney on your team, you won’t need to worry much about court.

Your attorney will prepare you for court if that prospect becomes a reality, but most likely you won’t need to go to court to receive fair compensation for your auto injury claim. Call Crowell Law Offices at 916-303-2800 or send over the online submission form at the bottom of this page.