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Sacramento Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Did you experience an auto accident as a rideshare passenger? Contact a Sacramento rideshare accident attorney to find out how you can receive compensation for your damages. 

The sheer concept of rideshare companies represents how much our society has progressed within the last decade. Now, no one questions when you enter the car of another stranger. It’s even encouraged to get into the vehicle of a rideshare driver because many people assume that these services are safe.

But, with lax background checks and complicated insurance policies, receiving compensation after a rideshare accident can be difficult. A Sacramento rideshare accident lawyer could be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve after a Sacramento car accident.

Who Can Be a Rideshare Driver in Sacramento, California?

Don’t let the marketing of rideshare companies fool you. Most of today’s rideshare drivers have very little training before accepting passengers. Unlike a bus or truck driver, there is no test that a rideshare driver has to pass to transport people. You are just as qualified to do their job.

Even more troubling is the lax background checks used by rideshare companies, which means that drivers with a criminal background can slip through the cracks and get behind the wheel of a rideshare car. There have even been documented situations in which unstable rideshare drivers have intentionally hurt their passengers.

Even if your rideshare accident was indeed an accident, you weren’t responsible, and you shouldn’t have to pay for the resulting damages.

Who Is at Fault in Your Sacramento Rideshare Accident?

Determining fault in a rideshare accident is no easy task. Rideshare companies consider its drivers independent contractors, which means the company will deny responsibility for your damages. Whether you’re a passenger or your car is struck by one of their drivers, filing a claim against a rideshare company is challenging.

Fortunately, most Sacramento rideshare vehicles have an insurance policy of $1 million. From the moment you enter a rideshare vehicle until you exit the car, this policy will typically cover your economic damages. If a rideshare vehicle strikes your vehicle, you’re also covered by a similar insurance policy.

However, the insurance policy for most rideshare companies covers your damages only after the insurance for the at-fault driver is exhausted. Generally, this means that unless your losses are significant, you may not receive any compensation from the $1 million insurance policy offered by rideshare companies.

Common Damages in a Rideshare Accident in Sacramento

When you’re in an auto accident involving a rideshare driver, you can experience multiple damages. For example, you can suffer a severe neck injury or whiplash upon impact. Your injury could leave you with expensive medical bills.

Because of your injury, you could miss work and lose out on income. But car accidents also result in mental and emotional damage, too. Many victims experience symptoms of trauma and depression following an accident. When you can suffer from numerous types of damages from your rideshare accident, you’re going to need compensation to pay for recovery and your bills while you heal.

Thankfully, you have the option of reaching out to a Sacramento rideshare accident attorney who will work diligently to secure you a fair settlement.

Consult a Sarmento Rideshare Accident Attorney

A dedicated lawyer can help you obtain a fair settlement after your rideshare accident. Although the process may be complicated, a Sacramento rideshare accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can assist with your claim.

You can call a rideshare lawyer from our firm at 916-303-2800 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.