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When Does an Injury Qualify for a Settlement in California?

Timing is crucial when you’re attempting to win a settlement for your injury. If you’ve experienced significant pain because of someone’s actions, it’s understandable to want compensation for your damages. Some injuries even have the potential to inflict permanent damage to your body. 

These are serious complications that can arise in the aftermath of your accident. However, you’ll have to understand when an injury qualifies for a settlement in California before pursuing a claim. 

When Can You Pursue a California Settlement?

If the actions of someone else hurt you physically, psychologically, or financially, you’re entitled to pursue a settlement from the other party. From the moment your injury occurs, you’re able to seek compensation for your damages. However, be aware of the statute of limitations that exist within California. 

Previously, you had two years from the date of your injury to pursue a settlement. If you wait even one day past the expiration date, you will risk any chance of winning compensation for your injuries and suffering. 

Determining the Monetary Value of Your Injury

Determining the value of your injury is no easy task. Various factors determine the worth of your damages. You’ll have to gather a sufficient amount of evidence and damage assessments to acquire a fair settlement. Medical bills, lost wages and property damage are all factors that determine the value of your settlement.

Your injury attorney will help you calculate how much the other party should compensate you for losses.

Reach Out to a California Injury Lawyer

At Crowell Law Offices, we know how confusing the law is to everyday people. You shouldn’t have any doubts about when you’re able to seek compensation for your damages. Calling us at 916-303-2800 will help you understand the many complexities of California injury claims. You can also fill out the form below to learn more information about your case.