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Rancho Cordova DUI Lawyer

Have you been charged with driving under the influence in Rancho Cordova, California? Fight your conviction by partnering with a Rancho Cordova drunk driving attorney from Crowell Law Offices.

Not everyone charged with a DUI is guilty of the crime of drunk driving, despite what others might like you to believe. The law is fairly clear in California on what constitutes drunk driving, and the illegal blood alcohol concentration level is clearly stated at .08 percent or higher.

Can you still get a DUI if you are under this limit? What if you don’t think you’re guilty of this crime?

Many people wonder what their charge means and whether they can fight against a conviction. You absolutely can avoid a conviction of a drunk driving charge. A Rancho Cordova DUI lawyer from our firm will work tirelessly to find the best defense for your set of circumstances.

What Are Some Defenses Against a DUI Charge in California?

Perhaps you were merely sitting in your vehicle and had no intention of driving away. Maybe you did drink alcohol and then drive, but you weren’t over the legal limit. What if you weren’t drinking alcohol at all, and the police are falsely accusing you of committing a drunk driving violation?

There are many defenses available that can help you combat your charge, or at least get it greatly reduced. Reducing your charge can mean far less negative impacts on your life.

Below are some defenses that your Rancho Cordova drunk driving lawyer has successfully used in the past:

  • The police violated your rights, either during the arrest or after.
  • You were falsely accused of a DUI and you weren’t drinking while driving.
  • You took some medication that made it seem as though you were drunk, but you weren’t.
  • The laboratory made errors when testing your blood.
  • The breathalyzer test was defective or inaccurate.
  • The field sobriety tests were inaccurate.
  • You were drinking and driving, but you weren’t over the limit.
  • There was not enough evidence to convict you.

How a DUI Conviction in Rancho Cordova Can Negatively Affect Your Life

A conviction can destroy your life in many ways and your conviction might haunt you forever. If you don’t fight your charge, you will probably regret that later. Even a misdemeanor DUI can keep you from getting good jobs, which could negatively affect your financial stability.

Additionally, you could go to jail for a time, be forced to pay fines, or be forced to submit to the ignition interlock program that California uses for those convicted of an intoxicated driving crime.

Call a Rancho Cordova Intoxicated Driving Lawyer

Being convicted of driving under the influence in California is a serious offense. Your life can be negatively affected by a conviction. You could struggle to find a good job, lose your license, go to jail, pay hefty fines, and face probation. The negative effects can stay with you for a lifetime.

There’s only one way to get away from these negative effects: avoid conviction. Work with a Rancho Cordova DUI lawyer for help with your case. Your lawyer will find the best defense available for your circumstances. Call Crowell Law Offices at 916-303-2800 or fill out and send over the online form below.