Can I Get Arrested for DUI in Sacramento if My BAC Was Under .08?

Can I Get Arrested for DUI in Sacramento if My BAC Was Under .08?

You might already be aware that the legal limit for driving after drinking is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent for drivers above the age of twenty-one. However, just because you are below .08 percent, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). Depending on the circumstances, law enforcement can arrest you even if your BAC is below .08 percent.

Under California law, whether you have alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications in your system, it is illegal to drive when your ability to function normally is impaired. This means that you can find yourself facing criminal charges even if your BAC is below the legal limit of .08 percent.

If you were arrested with a BAC below the legal limit, a Sacramento DUI defense lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can help you get fight your charges, possibly getting them reduced or dismissed.

Getting Arrested for DUI When Under the Legal Limit

As you likely know, every individual has a different tolerance level for alcohol and drugs. In some situations, you can be arrested even after having just one drink if you are showing signs of intoxication.

You can get charged with DUI if you have any of these common signs of being under the influence:

  • Smell like alcohol
  • Bloodshot, red, and watery eyes
  • Unable to walk in a straight line
  • Slurred, incoherent speech
  • You fail a motor skills sobriety test
  • Exhibit impaired driving, such as weaving and speeding

Drunk Driving Penalties Can Be Severe

In California, penalties for a DUI charge can be severe, causing a disruption to your job, family, and finances. Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to pay hefty fines, serve time in jail, give up your license, be on DUI probation, attend DUI school, or have an ignition interlock device installed in you car. In addition, your criminal record will be tainted and punishment will get harsher for every additional DUI offense you accumulate.

Don’t let a drunk driving charge impact your life. To ensure you get the defense you need, a DUI lawyer from our firm will investigate your case and aggressively fight to protect your rights. We will examine the evidence and build a case in order to have your charges dropped or reduced.

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