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Sacramento Child Injury Lawyer

Don’t let someone jeopardize your child’s innocence. Contact a Sacramento child injury attorney to help your child obtain justice and compensation for their suffering and damages. 

Sacramento adults have a responsibility to protect children at all costs. Children are largely incapable of taking care of themselves, and they rely on the guidance of adults to help them stay safe.

When an adult fails to protect a child or takes advantage of their innocent nature, horrible outcomes can result. Sacramento children are constantly developing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Experiencing a traumatic event because of an adult’s negligence can result in stunted development.

They may require years of counseling to cope with whatever experience that was either the direct or indirect cause of an irresponsible adult. Reaching out a Sacramento child injury lawyer will help you and your child move on from this traumatic event. Whether your child’s trauma is physical or mental, the costs of healing their pain is not an inexpensive one.

Your Sacramento child injury attorney will help you win a settlement that will cover the cost of any necessary procedures for your child.

Common Sacramento Child Injuries

Under the wrong supervision, Sacramento children are prone to sustaining a variety of severe injuries. These injuries can permanently impact a child’s life and force them to suffer well into adulthood. For example, Sacramento teachers who are texting on their phones while students are on the playground put each child at risk for injury.

A child who climbs to the top of the monkey bars and slips can fall and suffer a traumatic brain injury or worse. Severe trauma to a child’s motor skills have a considerable chance of negatively impacting their development and puts them at risk of complications. In extreme situations, the child can succumb to injuries sustained from the impact.

Auto accidents, slip-and-falls, and ingesting dangerous substances are all examples of what teachers, babysitters, and daycare centers have a responsibility to shield your child from while they’re in their care. You can’t watch your child every second of the day, and you’ll have to rely on institutions/services to ensure your child’s safety.

Common Causes of Sacramento Child Injuries

As mentioned earlier, negligence is the cause of many Sacramento child injuries. Adults who allow your child to play with dangerous items or engage in harmful activities are usually at-fault for the damages that occur to your child. You can’t predict what a child is going to do.

Still, if a particular child is known for having behavior problems or known for attacking other students, it’s the responsibility of teachers to ensure that the child doesn’t harm other students. Many Sacramento child injuries occur when adults don’t properly analyze the situation around them.

Adults monitoring children should always pay attention to not only the children’s surroundings but any emotions or actions on display by the children. Adults don’t have to be mind readers, but they have a responsibility to use their common sense to keep the children in their care as safe as possible.

Speak With a Sacramento Child Injury Attorney

Children are precious, and Crowell Law Offices understand this vital fact of life. If an adult’s negligence caused your child to suffer, our attorneys are here to help you and your child obtain justice and compensation.

To speak with a Sacramento child injury lawyer, call 916-303-2800. You can also complete the form below and we’ll contact you.