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Sacramento Bribery Lawyer

Have you been arrested and charged with bribery? Get help defending yourself by contacting a reputable bribery lawyer in Sacramento.

Although white collar crimes like bribery aren’t violent crimes, that doesn’t mean no one gets hurt by them. For this reason, the consequences of a bribery conviction can be devastating. It is critical that you do everything possible to avoid being found guilty—which means you’ll need exceptional legal representation.

When you choose Crowell Law Offices to represent your defense, you’ve made a conscious decision to put your defense first. Your Sacramento bribery lawyer will work diligently to ensure that the jury has no other choice but to return a not-guilty verdict.

What Is Bribery in Sacramento?

Using money, gifts, or other items to influence the action of another person is known as bribery. Accepting gifts, money, and other items is also considered a bribery charge, known as commercial bribery, in the state of California.

Whether you are the one allegedly making a bribe or accepting a bribe, you could be facing serious consequences, depending on the circumstances of your case. In order for a bribery charge to result in a conviction, the prosecution will need to prove that there was an intent to defraud or injure another party.

Ramifications for Sacramento Bribery Convictions

The legal penalties for a primary conviction can be severe. In many cases, the severity of your penalties will be based upon the amount of the bribe in question. In some cases, bribery charges can become felony charges. This is especially true if the amount of the bribe in question was greater than $1,000. If convicted of bribery, you could face as many as four years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Furthermore, in cases of commercial bribery involving public officials, foreign government officials, legislators, executive officers, and other parties in positions of power, a conviction could be even more devastating. These individuals will often be terminated from their positions and be banned from ever holding such a position again in the future.

Defending a Bribery Charge in California

Your Sacramento lawyer will need to closely examine the details of your case to determine what defense strategy is most likely to result in an acquittal. In many bribery cases, if you are able to explain the exchange of money or gifts, you may be able to avoid a conviction.

It may also be possible to argue that the person accepting the bribe was actually extorting you, and you felt you had no other choice but to comply. You can rest assured that your lawyer will work diligently to ensure that the right defense strategy is used so your entire life is not upheaved by a conviction.

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