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05 Oct Exploding Cell Phones Sounding Alarms

Savvy mobile phone users follow safety advice and use headphones to avoid having radiation near their skulls, but perhaps they should be more concerned with their phone exploding in their hands. Dozens of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have burst into flames recently, and the company recalled 2.5 million units as a result. While this high-end model flew off the shelves upon release, now fervor has turned to fury as owners feel they paid big money for ticking time bombs that could cause them burn injuries at any moment..

The problem is so severe that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) uncharacteristically called out the model by name, recommending that airline passengers not turn on or charge these phones during flights and discouraging travelers from putting them in checked bags.

In one stark example, a Florida man claims that his whole car was engulfed in flames and totaled due to an exploding Galaxy Note 7 defect. Apple phones are not immune either; many have blown up in their owners’ pockets. These devices simply join a long line of defective products that are sent to market before sufficient testing is completed, making innocent consumers into guinea pigs.


What Causes Cell Phones to Explode?

Lithium-ion batteries are the culprit in these frightening incidents. They are also what have put flaming hoverboards and laptop batteries in the news in the last few years. According to the BBC, what causes some of these batteries to turn dangerous is the inclusion of an anode, a cathode, and lithium. The lithium travels between the first two by flowing through a barrier, which safely keeps them separate.

However, if this separator is breached, an explosion can occur. This is because there is a tremendous amount of stored energy in such a tiny space. This burgeoning problem has caused postal shippers to add lithium batteries to their list of hazardous items. These batteries are now in the same category as weapons and bodily fluids.


How to Reduce the Risk of a Cell Phone Explosion

Not letting your phone overheat is one way to protect yourself from this issue. Conversely, not charging it in freezing temperatures is also vital, as this can alter the chemistry of the battery. Watch for any bulging in your battery, and if your phone gets warmer than usual, you should take it to a retailer to be examined.


Defective Products and Personal Injury

No one has the right to hurt you or damage your property, especially not large corporations that rush products to market without taking proper safety precautions. Any time you suffer harm at the hands of someone else due to negligence or malice, you likely have grounds for a personal injury case. Defective products can fall under this category.

And not just against the manufacturer—the wholesaler, retailer, component maker, and assembler can all be held liable. Due to the need to investigate all of these parties, these cases can become quite demanding for your legal team, so you want to choose one that has in-depth experience in how these parties fight back. They will always try to either pin the case on the victim or settle for far less than what you deserve.

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