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18 Nov Honey Oil Lab Explosions Lead to Major Injuries

There was another honey oil lab explosion in Bakersfield recently. The explosion was severe enough to cause the home to become engulfed in flames and to damage much of the building’s structure. Two of the people inside the home suffered serious burn injuries and were taken to the hospital. This explosion comes on the heels of other, similar honey oil lab explosions in California.

These explosions are happening much more frequently as more and more of these labs spring up to create this profitable drug. The illegal substance is created by extracting THC from marijuana using a butane flame. It is also referred to as wax and hash oil.


The Threat to Others

The process of extracting THC by using butane is incredibly dangerous because it is so flammable. There have been many explosions involving people producing the drug in their homes, apartments, and businesses. Since it doesn’t require a lot of space and can be done rather inconspicuously, your neighbor could be making honey oil without you even realizing it.

In San Diego, police conducted a simulated test to determine how bad the explosions could be. The results were significant enough to cause them to issue a public warning. You can watch the explosion here.

When the explosion went off, windows and walls were blown out, the flames extended outwards, and the dummies inside the faux lab were severely burned. This demonstrates how if a honey oil lab is in the next apartment over, it could be your family burned in an explosion. The same is true for anyone allowing honey oil to be produced in their home. You could be on a different floor and still suffer significant burns and property damage.


Your Legal Rights in a Premises Liability Case

Anytime that you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against them or their landlord (if the property owner was either aware of or should have been aware of the activity). This absolutely applies if you were injured in a honey oil lab explosion.

You have the right to be safe in your home, apartment, or business. If nearby tenants are creating honey oil, they are putting you at risk for suffering damages or for becoming injured. In the case of an explosion, they’re likely to be arrested by the police and face criminal charges.

However, even if they are convicted, that will not provide you with financial compensation to pay for your medical bills or to recoup any of your lost wages. For this, you need to file a civil premises liability lawsuit with the help of an attorney.


Help from a Sacramento Premises Liability Attorney

At Crowell Law Offices, we can help you recover compensation for any injuries and property damage you suffer because of a danger present on someone else’s property. This includes the cost of medical care, lost wages and income, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and anything else related to the accident.

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