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07 Feb Ignition Interlock Device Rules in Sacramento County

Many people have at least heard of an ignition interlock device (IID)—an apparatus designed to prevent an intoxicated person from driving home in that vehicle. The device is designed to keep the vehicle from turning on when the breathalyzer attached to the ignition reads at a level higher than California laws allow.

If you’ve recently been arrested (or you know someone who has) for driving under the influence, then you might be wondering what it would be like to have to use an ignition interlock device.

There are rules regarding when an ignition interlock device can or will be required, when a device can be installed, and how to use the device. There are also costs associated with this device. To learn more about these rules, continue reading.

When Is an Ignition Interlock Device Mandated?

There are two main ways you can be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. First, the court can order it. The court has discretion and can choose to order the installation of an IID any time it deems appropriate, even for a first-time DUI offense. Second, California law mandates it.

Effective from January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2026, a new law now requires certain DUI offenders to have an IID installed in their vehicles. All repeat offenders will be required to have an IID installed, as well as first-time DUI offenders whose DUI resulted in another’s injury.

The court maintains discretion in ordering an IID for other first-time DUI offenders. Additionally, first-time DUI offenders can apply to receive their driving privileges early by agreeing to have an IID installed in their vehicles. Keep in mind, though, that this law does not affect those charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

How Long Will I Be Required to Have the Ignition Interlock Device?

The length of time you will be required to have an ignition interlock device will vary depending on how many DUI offenses you’ve committed. See the table below for more information.

Offense Ignition Interlock Device Time Frame (Misdemeanor) Ignition Interlock Device Time Frame (Felony)
DUI First Offense 5 Months 12 Months
DUI Second Offense 12 Months 24 Months
DUI Third Offense 24 Months 36 Months
DUI Fourth Offense (or more) 36 Months 48 Months

Need Help Battling a DUI Charge?

As you can see, there are some pretty negative consequences for a DUI conviction in Sacramento. Beginning January 1, 2019, all California residents are subject to IID installation, if convicted of a DUI offense.

Nearly all those convicted of DUIs will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed, and this is not only inconvenient for you, but it’s also very expensive. Installation and fees can have a significantly negative impact on your life. Contact Crowell Law Offices today to fight your DUI charge. Call 916-303-2800 or send in the form below.